War on Terror

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
The aftermath of a terror attack in Uganda. The victims were gathered to watch the World Cup.

Is al Qaeda racist?

Obama and his aides suggest that al Qaeda's targeting of Uganda proves the terrorist group has a racist agenda. Is that a meaningful analysis?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
An American injured in the Uganda blasts.

Uganda bombings: A new battlefield for jihad

A Somali jihadist group is claiming responsibility for blasts that killed 74 people in Uganda. Is Somalia becoming a haven for terrorists who could strike the U.S.?

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri: Al Qaeda leaders and magazine editors?

Al Qaeda's 'lifestyle' magazine

Bomb-making tips. Inspiring profiles of extremists around the world. Is the terrorist group's new online publication for real?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
George W. Bush defends waterboarding tactics used during his presidency.

Waterboarding: Why George W. Bush would 'do it again'

Has time vindicated the former president's counterterrorism approach, or is Bush — as some say — essentially admitting to "war crimes"?

War on Terror : Instant Guide
Lower Manhattan, shortly after the World Trade Center building collapsed.

The gay terrorist who might have stopped 9/11

The CIA attempted to recruit a gay terrorist to infiltrate Al Qaeda. Who is this mysterious man who could have changed the course of world history?

War on Terror : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: Playing the odds on airport terrorism

A new book offers key insights on controlling crime. Can we apply itslessons to thwarting terrorists, too?

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