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(Watch a CNN report about Turkey's demand.)</p><p><strong>Obama should force Turkey to say sorry...</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffTue, 06 Jul 2010 16:01:00 -0400Understanding the Gaza blockade<img src="" /></P><p><strong>What is the situation in Gaza</strong>?<br />It&rsquo;s a humanitarian, an economic, and a political disaster. Only 26 miles long and seven miles wide and wedged between Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea, the Gaza Strip is only about twice the size of Washington, D.C. With a population of 1.5 million, it&rsquo;s one of the most densely populated places on earth. Most residents are Palestinian refugees from families that fled there when Israel was established, in 1948. Nearly half of Gaza&rsquo;s population is under 15, and it has one of the highest birth rates in the world. (The average Gazan woman has...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffFri, 18 Jun 2010 11:29:00 -0400Will Israel's blockade concession make a difference?<img src="" /></P><p>Facing intense international pressure, Israel has agreed to ease its controversial blockade on the Gaza Strip in an apparent bid to diffuse anger over last month's raid of a Turkish aid ship, in which nine activists died. The new policy will let some civilian goods enter the Palestinian territory over land, but leave the sea blockade in place. European leaders called the announcement a "step in the right direction," but a senior leader of Hamas, which controls Gaza, dismissed the change as "window dressing." Is Israel making a significant change? (Watch a Russia Today report about Israel's easing...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffFri, 18 Jun 2010 10:48:00 -0400Israel needs Turkey -- and so do we<img src="" /></P><p>Nothing will ever be the same between Turkey and Israel.&nbsp; Not after Israel&rsquo;s raid on the aid flotilla bound for Gaza left nine activists dead &mdash; several of them Turkish citizens. However, as disastrous for Israeli-Turkish relations as the raid was, the once-constructive alliance between Israel and Turkey is too important to be allowed to lapse without a rescue effort, and it might still be partly salvaged with help from the U.S.</p><p>Over the last fifteen years, Turkey has become a valuable market for Israeli business, and until the last year and a half its military opened its airspace...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/daniel-larison" ><span class="byline">Daniel Larison</span></a>Thu, 17 Jun 2010 17:12:00 -0400Why did YouTube ban 'We Con the World'?<img src="" /></P><p>YouTube has removed "We Con the World," a spoof clip created by a satirical Israeli website, Latma TV, to mock media coverage of what The Jerusalem Post calls "the Gaza-bound 'aid' flotilla." The music video, which portrays some of those aboard as terrorists, went viral after the Israeli government press office mistakenly sent it to journalists. While YouTube says it is protecting Warner Music's copyright on the original Michael Jackson song "We Are the World," some commentators aren't buying it. Is YouTube attempting to silence critical Israeli activists? (<strong>Watch the video below</strong>)<br /><br /><strong>Obviously, YouTube...</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffMon, 14 Jun 2010 13:08:00 -0400Reuters' 'fauxtogate' scandal<img src="" /></P><p>Pro-Israel commentators are calling out Reuters for cropping out key details in photographs of Israel's deadly May 31 raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla &mdash; specifically, knives in the hands of pro-Palestian activists. They are suggesting that the photo edits demonstrate a strong bias at the British news agency. Here's a brief rundown of Reuters' "fauxtogate" scandal:</p><p><strong>What did Reuters do?<br /></strong>In at least two cases, Reuters &mdash; which sells news photos to media outlets around the world &mdash; cropped pictures of shipboard violence in such a way as to omit knives being wielded by passengers on...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffWed, 09 Jun 2010 13:43:00 -0400Israel: Always the villain?<img src="" /></P><p>The world media has cast the Gaza activists as the natural heirs to Gandhi, writes Jonah Goldberg at Real Clear Politics. But these "new Gandhians" were far from nonviolent, breaking out the metal bars as soon as the Israelis boarded their boat. No one's arguing that the raid wasn't a disaster &mdash; but, in a world where "big lies matter more than obvious truths," the aggression of the so-called "humanitarians" is being ignored in favor of the presumed villainy of Israel. And no amount of P.R. bluster will change that:</p><p ><strong>"The assumption is that world opinion</strong> is open to hearing Israel's side of...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffMon, 07 Jun 2010 13:16:00 -0400What's your opinion on Israel's flotilla raid?</P><p><noscript>Should the US distance itself from Israel in the wake of the flotilla massacre?<span >online survey</span></noscript></p><div class="pollLink clearfix"><p>Click to see all of <em>The Week</em>'s most recent polls</p>Vote now</div> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffFri, 04 Jun 2010 15:34:00 -0400Flotilla fallout: Does it matter that an American died?<img src="" /></P><p>One of the nine activists killed on the humanitarian aid flotilla raided by Israeli commandos over the weekend was an American-Turkish dual citizen, it is now being reported. Furkan Dogan, 19, was shot five times at close range &mdash; four times in the head &mdash; as Israeli troops stormed the boat to prevent it from violating the three-year blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The U.S.'s reaction to last weekend's events has so far been muted. Will the death of an American citizen change that situation? (Watch a Russia Today report about the American's death)</p><p><strong>This terrorist sympathizer...</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffFri, 04 Jun 2010 12:53:00 -0400Is it time to end the Gaza blockade?<img src="" /></P><p>Israel has come under increasing pressure to end its blockade of the Gaza Strip following last weekend's deadly raid on a fleet of ships carrying aid supplies. The Jewish state imposed the blockade three years ago after the militant group Hamas won local elections in Gaza, and since then the small, densely populated territory has been enveloped by what the U.N. describes as a "severe humanitarian crisis." Israel says ending the blockade would &mdash; by allowing Hamas to import weapons &mdash; imperil its security. Does Israel have a right to keep such a tight lid on the Palestinians in Gaza? ...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffWed, 02 Jun 2010 13:05:00 -0400Gaza flotilla: Should the U.S. condemn Israel?<img src="" /></P><p>Israel is facing strong global condemnation over its killing of nine Free Gaza activists in international waters early Monday morning. The U.S., however, issued a cautious response to the raid, deploring the "tragedy" and expressing "deep condolences" for the Turks killed, but refraining from assigning blame. Is President Obama putting the strained but special U.S.-Israeli relationship above our ties with Turkey and the Arab world &mdash; and, if so, is that a good idea? (Watch a Russia Today discussion about U.S. support for Israel)</p><p><strong>The U.S. should support Israeli self-defense:</strong> The "bloody confrontation...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffWed, 02 Jun 2010 10:04:00 -0400The Gaza blockade: A concise guide<img src="" /></P><p>At least nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed this weekend in an attempt to break through an Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and deliver food, medicine, and building materials to the needy local population. Israel says the organizers of the self-described "Freedom flotilla" were deliberately violating the law and had ignored offers to send aid through proper channels. As the political fallout from the botched military operation continues, here's a look at the blockade that caused the skirmish:&nbsp;<br /><strong><br />When was the blockade put in place?</strong><br />In June 2007, when the militant group Hamas took control...</p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffTue, 01 Jun 2010 11:53:00 -0400Gaza flotilla: Did Israel go too far?<img src="" /></P><p>Israel is facing a diplomatic firestorm after launching a deadly commando raid on a flotilla of ships seeking to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, in violation of an Israeli-Egyptian blockade. Israeli soldiers killed between nine and 16 pro-Palestinian civilian activists on one of the ships, which was at the time in international waters. Israel says its troops were ambushed by knife- and pipe-wielding thugs, but the U.N. Security Council and several Western nations have condemned the lethal raid. Was Israel within its rights? (Watch an al Jazeera report about the flotilla raid)</p><p><strong>Israel...</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffTue, 01 Jun 2010 10:25:00 -0400The latest Tweets on 'Israel's flotilla raid'</P><div class="twitterBlock"></div> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffMon, 31 May 2010 11:59:00 -0400