World Cup Mania

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
David Beckham, Prince William, and countless U.K. soccer fans, may have been burned by FIFA's choice of Russia for the 2018 World Cup, but now officials claim the bid was rigged.

The World Cup's escalating bribery scandal

Five months after England lost the 2018 World Cup to Russia, a British official lobs corruption charges at soccer's governing body

World Cup Mania : By the numbers
Spain scored 8 goals in South Africa.

World Cup 2010: By the numbers

World Cup fans inject $5 billioned into South Africa's economy and were sending 4,000 Tweets per second at the height of the action. That's just the beginning...

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
Spain wasn't the only winner

World Cup winner: Africa?

Spain has emerged the 2010 World Cup champion — but some observers think the host continent was the biggest winner

World Cup Mania : Best Video
Relive the best moments of the 2010 World Cup.

The World Cup's best moments

Watch a compilation of the memorable goals and events from the month-long celebration of soccer

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
Will Spain still be celebrating after Sunday's game?

Spain vs. Holland: Who will win the World Cup Final?

Pundits place their bets for Sunday afternoon's big game, and psychic members of the animal kingdom weigh in, too. Will Dutch pragmatism or Spanish flair prevail?

World Cup Mania : Best Column
While the media focuses on the game itself, corruption runs rampant at FIFA, says Stefan Fatsis at the New Republic.

The World Cup's dirty little secret

Behind the beautiful game is a governing body that is openly and shamelessly crooked, says Stefan Fatsis at the New Republic.

World Cup Mania : The List
Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo is one of many World Cup players known to draw referee's calls with bits of dramatics.

The 6 most shameless World Cup dives

The 2010 World Cup has been marked by many egregious cases of "diving" — the art of faking an injury in hopes of drawing a penalty. A video gallery of the worst

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
This year's World Cup has been riddled with referee errors.

Do soccer referees need instant replay?

The World Cup tournament has been marked by illegal and disallowed goals — and apologies from officials for poor refereeing. Is it time to bring in video technology?

World Cup Mania : Controversy
Nike's World Cup ad: Cursed?

The 'curse' of Nike's World Cup ad

Almost every soccer player featured in Nike's sensational World Cup commercial has bombed out of the tournament. Could the glitzy spot be jinxed?

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
An eight-armed soccer oracle?

Can this octopus predict World Cup winners?

Will Germany's soccer team triumph over England this weekend? Ask Paul, the underwater Nostradamus

World Cup Mania : Opinion Brief
Are Americans finally starting to catch World Cup fever?

Is soccer finally winning over Americans?

The most successful USA team since 1930 wins the most dramatic soccer game in recent memory. Is it time for America to stop worrying and learn to love the beautiful game?

World Cup Mania : Fact Sheet
The vuvuzela: Most annoying instrument ever?

World Cup: 5 more reasons to hate vuvuzelas

It's debatable whether America will learn to love soccer. But the drone of the fans' vuvuzela horns has become conclusively detestable

World Cup Mania : Flashback
Team USA celebrates a win against Algeria in today's World Cup match.

USA's 'euphoric' World Cup victory

Until the very end, it looked like the USA would be eliminated World Cup with a dispiriting 0-0 draw with Algeria. Commentators react to the dramatic (and historic) win

World Cup Mania : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on North Korea in the World Cup?

Take our reader poll: Was it wrong for FIFA, soccer's international governing body, to let North Korea compete in the World Cup?

World Cup Mania : Best Column
Kim Jong-Il.

Was it wrong to let North Korea play?

North Korea will be making a quick exit from the World Cup — but it was wrong to let the rogue country participate at all, says Eve Fairbanks in Newsweek

World Cup Mania : Instant Guide
Mathieu Valbuena of France reacts after a 2-0 loss to Mexico.

World Cup: Inside France's 'soap opera' meltdown

A foul-mouthed striker sent home in disgrace. A coach who picks teams based on their star signs. And a team that refuses to train. What's going on with Les Bleus?

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