Sarah Palin : By the numbers
Palin speaks to Tea Party America in September 2011 in Iowa.

Sarah Palin's Fox News career: By the numbers

From the number of words Palin spoke in her three years at Fox to how much she was paid, one more obsessive look at Palinmania

Sarah Palin : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Was Sarah Palin just a fad?

It wasn't so long ago that she was the most talked-about woman in America

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party rally on July 14 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, Mich.: The former Alaska governor has told Newsweek that she is impatiently waiting for her invitation to the GOP convention beginning Aug. 27.

Should the GOP let Sarah Palin speak at Mitt Romney's convention?

The Republican National Committee has yet to extend an invitation to Palin to speak at Romney's Tampa coronation, and she's not pleased

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer addresses supporters at the Republican Party headquarters in Lincoln, Neb., after her Tuesday win: Fischer may have benefited from Sarah Palin's last-second endorsement, or from attack ads against her opponent.

Deb Fischer's Nebraska upset: Proof Sarah Palin still has the golden touch?

A Palin-backed underdog snatches the GOP Senate nomination from the favorite, and Mama Grizzly's endorsement may very well have put Fischer over the top

Sarah Palin : The List
Sarah Palin may be hoping to use the GOP's presidential indecision to help her mount a return to national relevancy.

Why Sarah Palin wants a brokered convention: 3 theories

Though she's sitting out the primaries, the Alaskan warns that "all bets are off" if no candidate has enough delegates to be nominated at August's GOP convention

Sarah Palin : Analysis
Sarah Palin may not be on the ballot come November, but the conservative's power to ignite Republicans could definitely influence the race.

Is Sarah Palin still a threat to Obama?

Proving at CPAC that she still can fire up conservatives like few others, the former Alaska governor emerges as a promising GOP "attack dog" for election season

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin is out of the presidential race she never entered and some say the media star may never again be a serious political contender.

Is Sarah Palin's political career over?

With her poll numbers sinking, Mama Grizzly passes on the 2012 presidential race. Will she ever run again?

Sarah Palin : Burning Question
Sarah Palin's attorney has sent a strongly worded letter to unauthorized biographer Joe McGinniss and his publisher, suggesting that the political star might pursue a libel case against McGinniss.

Should Sarah Palin sue over Joe McGinniss' scathing biography?

A Palin attorney accuses the author and his publisher of knowingly printing salacious lies about the former GOP vice presidential candidate

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
The damning new Sarah Palin bio is so sketchily sourced that even some liberals are coming to Mama Grizzly's defense.

Will Joe McGinniss' 'scathing' expose actually help Sarah Palin?

The decidedly unauthorized new Palin bio is full of unflattering, thinly-sourced gossip — leading the "lamestream media" to rally to Palin's defense

Sarah Palin : Controversy
Sarah Palin at the D.C. motorcycle tour in May 2011: A new unsolicited Palin bio accuses her of illicit sex, drug use, and being a bad mother.

'Salacious' new claims about Sarah Palin: Cocaine and adultery

Biographer Joe McGinnis insists Palin has led a wilder life than she's admitted — including a one-night stand with a future NBA star and snowmobile-cocaine parties

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin delivered a fierce rebuke of corruption and career politicians on Saturday, while also surprising critics by calling for a more united political system.

The new Sarah Palin: A 'uniter, not a divider'?

The controversial political celebrity surprises critics by cheering red and blue America in a weekend speech to Tea Partiers

Sarah Palin : The List
While Sarah Palin's emails reveal growing vanity, say commentators, they also show why the erstwhile governor was so well liked before she rose to national prominence.

4 lessons from the Sarah Palin email release

Now that the media has pored over 24,000 much-hyped pages of Mama Grizzly's emails, what has the whole affair taught us?

Sarah Palin : Fact Sheet
After nearly 25,000 of Sarah Palin's emails are released, reporters offer up some juicy bits, including the fact that the former governor had a tanning bed.

The Sarah Palin email 'treasure trove': 6 nuggets

News organizations are scrambling to sort through 24,000 emails sent to and from Sarah Palin's old email account. Here, the best bits they've found so far

Sarah Palin : Instant Guide
Sarah Palin's former aide, Frank Bailey, gives a behind-the scenes look in a new book at what it was like to assist the former Alaska governor, who he portrays as unethical and ruthless.

The 'scathing' Palin tell-all: 5 takeaways

Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, a political kiss-and-tell by ex-Mama Grizzly aide Frank Bailey, hits the shelves Tuesday

Sarah Palin : Best Video
Tina Fey got back into the "SNL" groove Saturday with her impression of Sarah Palin, but some critics think it might be time to retire this bit.

Tina Fey's 'forced' Sarah Palin reprisal

The bespectacled funny lady returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend... and, of course, jumped right back into her most famous impression. Is this joke getting old?

Sarah Palin : Wit
Sarah Palin insists that the Osama bin Laden mission isn't complete until photos of his corpse are released.

Palin slams Obama for 'pussy-footing': The backlash

Days after the president authorized a daring commando raid, Palin earns mockery by suggesting he's a wimp

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