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The Apple Universe : Instant Guide
Apple CEO Tim Cook is wearing what appears to be Nike's best-selling fitness bracelet, the FuelBand. Inspiration, perhaps?

The rumored Apple smartwatch is probably happening after all

Bloomberg says 100 product designers are hammering away at a new curved-glass computer for your wrist

The Apple Universe : The List
"I've never been more bullish for innovation at Apple," Tim Cook said of the company's forthcoming (secret) products.

6 things we learned from Tim Cook's Goldman Sachs keynote

No cheap iPhone, the Galaxy S III's screen is "awful," and more revelations from the Apple CEO's mouth

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
Apple's watch would reportedly be a modern version of Dick Tracy famous do-everything gadget.

Why Apple's rumored curved-glass smartwatch would be a hit

Anyone want an iWatch?

The Apple Universe : Best Video
Will Kutcher's Jobs make sckeptical critics eat their words?

WATCH: The first clip of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs

How does the Punk'd alum fare as the legendary Apple CEO?

The Apple Universe : Analysis
Can CEO Tim Cook lead Apple back to the share-price promised land?

Will Apple stock ever reach $700 again?

The iPhone maker's once high-flying share price has been diving for months, and sank even further Thursday. Are Apple's best days behind it?

The Apple Universe : The List
Apple staff members cheer before the Oct. 20 opening of the new Apple store in Wangfujing shopping district in Beijing.

5 things we learned from Apple's disappointing earnings report

Apple met or beat analyst forecasts and sold record numbers of iPhones and iPads last quarter. So why is its stock down?

The Apple Universe : The List
Don't forget to download The Week's iPad app!

Got a new iPad for Christmas? 11 must-have apps

Confounded by the App Store? Don't worry. We've got you covered

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
After Apple's own maps app infamously failed, Google has made its Maps app available again for Apple's iOS6 operating system.

Why does Google build apps for its rival Apple's iPhone?

Why help a key competitor? Two words: Advertising and data

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Some speculate that an Apple TV might include features like Siri integration and a 3D remote app.

Why Apple really needs to start selling TVs

The Wall Street Journal reports the company is working with Asian manufacturers to test components for its long-rumored television set. About time?

The Apple Universe : The List
Some Apple Maps users have reportedly been stranded in the scorching heat at Australia's Murray Sunset National Park..

4 nightmare scenarios involving Apple Maps

Australian police call the application "potentially life threatening" after travelers are left stranded in scorching-hot temperatures

The Apple Universe : The List
With the new iTunes, when you click on an album, a box appears displaying the songs you own and recommending similar songs.

The 3 best reasons to download iTunes 11 now

After months of delays, Apple finally releases the new incarnation of its media app. And there's a lot to like

The Apple Universe : Analysis
The iPad mini is the latest hot commodity from Apple, and some clever crooks allegedly made off with 3,600 of them from a New York airport.

iHeist: How thieves stole $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis from JFK airport

Two alleged crooks managed to nab a truckload of Apple gear in a plot lifted right from the film Goodfellas

The Apple Universe : Fact Sheet
Apple CEO Tim Cook fired two of the company's major players prompting some to think the Steve Jobs comparisons should end here.

The Apple shake-up: What it says about CEO Tim Cook

Cook purged two top executives at the company, his most emphatic decision yet to move beyond the shadow of Steve Jobs

The Apple Universe : Best Video
Sleek and minimalist, the Venus yacht was a veritable obsession for Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' mysterious iMac-controlled yacht

A year after his death, one of Jobs' secretive final projects, the Venus, comes to fruition

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
The new iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad: The new diminutive tablet may prove too pricey for consumers who don't think the Mini is different enough from the competition to warrant paying more.

Is the iPad Mini too expensive?

Apple's tinier tablet starts at $329 — a full $130 more than Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and Google's Nexus 7

The Apple Universe : Instant Guide
Behold: Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller introduces the iPad Mini on Oct. 23.

Everything you need to know about Apple's iPad Mini event

Tim Cook and Co. pull the curtains off a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a razor-thin iMac, and a little tablet you may have heard about...

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