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The Apple Universe : Analysis
Apple's quarterly earnings fell short of analysts' lofty expectations, and some blame a delay in the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Apple's 'disappointing' earnings: 4 theories

For the first time since 2002, the tech giant's quarterly results fail to meet Wall Street expectations. What went wrong?

The Apple Universe : Instant Guide
Monologuist Mike Daisey is moving forward as planned with the opening Tuesday of his one-man show about Steve Jobs and the reality of iPhone production in China.

Steve Jobs' 'uncomfortable' off-Broadway debut

In spite of the Apple icon's death last week, Mike Daisey's critical play about Jobs' life and work is still opening as scheduled in New York

The Apple Universe : Photos
Casting the Steve Jobs biopic: A slideshow

Casting the Steve Jobs biopic: A slideshow

As Hollywood preps an adaptation of Walter Isaacson's upcoming bio of the tech visionary, commentators start pitching actors for the lead role

The Apple Universe : Fact Sheet
Steve Jobs once dated Joan Baez and Diane Keaton? Interesting new facts about the entrepreneur's personal life are bubbling to the surface in the wake of his death.

7 little-known facts about Steve Jobs

In the wake of the imaginative tech guru's death, fresh details about his past girlfriends and biological parents trickle into the mainstream

The Apple Universe : Controversy
A San Francisco Apple storefront is covered in condolence notes: The global response to Steve Jobs' death is provoking a backlash.

Steve Jobs' death: Is the world overreacting?

Everyone agrees: He created great gadgets. But, some note, he didn't cure cancer, end apartheid, or bring about the fall of communism

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
With the disappointing iPhone 4S debut and the death of the visionary Steve Jobs, some wonder whether Apple can continue to impress consumers with imaginative new products.

Can Apple innovate without Steve Jobs? 

The iPhone 4S didn't thrill Apple fans, who worry that Tim Cook and Co. won't be able to wow consumers the same way the incredibly imaginative Jobs did

The Apple Universe : Burning Question
Wall Street could learn a few things from Steve Jobs' unrivaled success.

Was Steve Jobs a good, old-fashioned 'capitalist'?

Some are heralding the Apple co-founder's fortune as proof the capitalist system works. Not if that means comparing him to Goldman Sachs, say others

The Apple Universe : Photos
Steve Jobs: A life in pictures

Steve Jobs: A life in pictures

The Apple innovator's influence will be felt for generations to come: A look back at key moments and milestones

The Apple Universe : By the numbers
Makeshift memorials for Steve Jobs, like this one in Frankfurt, popped up all over the world after news of his death Wednesday.

The 'record-breaking' response to Steve Jobs' death: By the numbers

After the visionary Apple co-founder's death was announced, Twitter users spread the news with 10,000 tweets per second — and they weren't alone

The Apple Universe : The List
Friends, family, and fans around the world pay tribute to visionary entrepreneur Steve Jobs, who died Wednesday after a seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

The visionary life of Steve Jobs: The most moving tributes

Apple's Steve Jobs died Wednesday at age 56, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. A sampling of remembrances, grief, and tributes

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
It's not often that the Dow Jones Industrial Average changes one of the 30 companies on its roster, but some analysts say it's time that Apple joined the venerable index.

Time to promote Apple to the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The world's largest company is noticeably absent from the venerable financial index

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Apple continues to make record-breaking strides in the market, topping a new 52-week high this week.

Apple's record-high stock prices: 4 theories

The iPhone and iPad maker hasn't announced any new products, but its shares are climbing higher and higher — even as the markets struggle

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
The sleek design for Apple's new suburban HQ initially garnered praise, but now critics are taking another look at the isolated corporate campus.

Apple's new HQ: Cool or a 'retrograde cocoon'?

Not everyone is stoked about Apple's plan for a sprawling, spaceship-like new office

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Steve Jobs may have contributed many great ideas to the tech world, but he hasn't given quite so generously when it comes to charitable organizations.

Steve Jobs' 'curious' lack of public philanthropy

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett make a point of giving away most of their wealth. Should the Apple founder be criticized for not doing the same?

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
iTunes Match will stream all of your music from the cloud so you don't have to bother transferring songs from your computer to your iPhone.

iTunes Match: Revolutionary?

Apple rolls out the beta version of its new cloud-based music service — and delights fans with how easy it is to access iTunes on the go

The Apple Universe : Opinion Brief
Apple is reportedly considering a plan to launch a subscription TV service, which might render cable TV's monopolistic business model outdated.

Could Apple kill cable TV?

Watch out, Time Warner. Apple may be poised to remake the television industry just as it did the music industry

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