Abby Sunderland's Voyage

Abby Sunderland's Voyage : Opinion Brief
Abby Sunderland: Reality TV star?

Does Abby Sunderland deserve reality TV fame?

Plans for a reality TV show starring the recently rescued 16-year-old sailor are up in the air after her father scrapped talks with a production company. Is Sunderland worthy of TV stardom?

Abby Sunderland's Voyage : Best Column
16-year-old Sunderland poses in front of her boat.

Abby Sunderland: Hero or victim of poor parenting?

Some are calling teen sailor Abby Sutherland's survival at sea "inspirational," but, to Joanna Weiss at The Boston Globe, it's a nothing but a sobering cautionary tale

Abby Sunderland's Voyage : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets on 'Abby Sunderland'

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Abby Sunderland's Voyage : Opinion Brief
16-year-old Sunderland was rescued at sea on Friday. News that her father wants a reality TV show has some questioning the family's motives

Abby Sunderland: A female 'Balloon Boy'?

The 16-year-old sailor's dramatic rescue is being overshadowed by "sinister" reports that her father has been shopping a reality-TV series

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