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Aging in America : Burning Question
The telomere is a part of our DNA that wears down over time. Scientists say its length appears linked to longevity.

Can your DNA predict when you'll die?

British researchers identify a small part of the chromosome that may help us measure how long our natural lives will be

Aging in America : Best Video
Researchers from MIT go grocery shopping, outfitted in specially designed suits that make them experience the bodily limitations of the average senior citizen.

The 'cumbersome' bodysuit that makes you feel 70

MIT researchers develop a complex system that gives the young a chance to experience the debilitating effects of old age. Who would wear such a thing?

Aging in America : Fact Sheet
Stem cells may be the key to prolonging youth, according to a new study.

Can stem cells slow the effects of aging?

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh managed to make Father Time slow to a crawl... at least for a few rapidly aging mice

Aging in America : Analysis
In a recent survey of Americans aged 18 to 64, 37 percent reported that they had no retirement savings at all.

Retirement: Is 80 the new 65?

Slowing down may not be an option for many Americans. A new survey finds that many plan to keep working for years — whether they want to or not

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Wrinkles are a natural, if unwanted, part of aging. Could a recent breakthrough slow such signs of growing old?

Breakthrough: Aging without wrinkles?

Scientists say they managed to rid mice of old cells linked to age-related diseases. Could this change what it's like to grow old?

Aging in America : Opinion Brief
New tests may help predict the onset of Alzheimer's, but some say patients don't benefit from knowing they're at risk for such an incurable disease.

Should doctors even test for Alzheimer’s?

Early detection might help find a cure, but it can also cause pointless suffering and anxiety

Aging in America : Instant Guide
The oldest person on record lived to be 122, but one gerontologist says that with the help of preventative geriatrics, 150 may be within reach soon... and then, 1,000.

Is it possible to live to 1,000?

Curing disease is one thing. But according to one scientist, we're getting close to curing aging, too

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Elderly women (and men) who drink alcohol moderately are 40 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease that those who abstain, according to a new study.

Does alcohol prevent Alzheimer's?

A new study reaffirms the belief that light drinking can help stave off dementia

Aging in America : The List
A new study finds that, in terms of longevity, men may derive more benefits from marriage than women.

'The Longevity Project': 5 (surprising) secrets to living longer

Marriage makes you happy. Stress kills. Right? Not necessarily

Aging in America : Controversy
No one is claiming that the so-called "vampire facelift" will make you quite as fresh-faced as Dakota Fanning's character in "Twilight."

Vampire facelifts: The next cosmetic craze?

Move over Botox. The latest youth-defying cosmetic procedure involves injecting your own blood into wrinkles

Aging in America : Opinion Brief
Mickey Rooney shared an emotional testimony about the elder abuse he has suffered by an unnamed source that is believed to be his stepson.

Mickey Rooney's 'tearjerker' Senate plea

The Hollywood legend gave passionate testimony to the Senate Aging Committee on the years of elder abuse he received from a bullying family member

Aging in America : Burning Question
Americans live an average of 78 years, while the Japanese can expect to live up to the age of 83.

Why is America's life expectancy lagging?

Americans are dying younger than citizens of other First World countries. What's to blame?

Aging in America : Forecast
Between 7,000 and 10,000 baby boomers a day will be turning 65 over the next 19 years.

Baby boomers turn 65: The 4 key questions

With the first boomers hitting retirement age this year, the graying demographic's impact on the economy is raising concerns

Aging in America : Fact Sheet
The success in rejuvenating mice may help the medical community combat diseases such as Alzheimer's in the future.

An anti-aging breakthrough

Scientists have reversed some age-related problems in mice — raising the hope of new drugs that could protect humans from the ravages of time

Aging in America : Opinion Brief
Social Security needs "sounder financial footing," says Peter Orszag, the former White House budget chief.

Fixing Social Security: Liberals' last chance?

Former Obama budget chief Peter Orszag has a warning for Democrats: Compromise on Social Security while privatization is still dead

Aging in America : Best Column
Is less testosterone the answer to living as long as your wife?

Male castration: The easiest way to live to 100?

Men die younger than women, says Thomas Kirkwood in Scientific American. But there might be a straightforward way to fix that...

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