Sharron Angle : Best Video
Sharron Angle followed up a Tea Party speech Friday with an impromptu performance of "God Bless the USA," while supporters waved flags behind her.

Sharron Angle's 'tragic rendition' of 'God Bless the USA'

The Nevada Tea Partier broke into song at a recent rally — drawing howls of laughter from her liberal critics

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
In a video posted on her website, Sharron Angle announces she is running for Congress to help the country get "back to a government based on the Constitution."

Can Sharron Angle win a congressional seat in 2012?

The Nevada Tea Partier who fumbled a golden opportunity to oust Sen. Harry Reid in 2010 has a new political goal. Will she have better luck running for the House?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Joy Behar compares Sharron Angle's latest campaign ad to "a Hitler youth commercial" during a discussion on 'The View.'

Joy Behar: Sharron Angle is 'going to hell'

Was "The View" co-host's impassioned reaction to a controversial Angle campaign ad a sincere response — or a shock tactic?

Sharron Angle : Best Column
Harry Reid is pitted against a charismatic Sharron Angle and a state-wide anti-government mood this election season.

Reid vs. Angle: The 2010 election in a nutshell

The Senate majority leader's battle in Nevada sums up the "great clash of social visions" in America today, says Nicholas Lemann in The New Yorker

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
During their only debate, Sharron Angle told Harry Reid to "man up."

Harry Reid and Sharron Angle's 'feisty' debate

The Democratic leader and his Tea Party-friendly GOP rival exchanged barbs in their only election debate. Did either land a knock-out blow?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Sharron Angle's popularity may be more about a widespread dislike for Harry Reid than her campaign platform.

Sharron Angle's thriving candidacy

Despite some controversial views, the Nevada Republican raised $14 million this summer and leads Sen. Harry Reid in many polls. How is she doing it?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Sharron Angle is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada

Sharron Angle's 'desperate' backroom deal

In a recorded private conversation, the Nevada GOP Senate nominee pleads with an independent Tea Party candidate to help her by dropping out

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Has Harry Reid officially creeped his way out of his Senate seat?

Will Harry Reid's 'sexist' remark hurt his re-election chances?

The Democratic leader is facing criticism for referring to a female colleague as the "hottest member" of the Senate. Will voters care?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Harry Reid's ad campaign suggests that Sharron Angle is soft on domestic violence.

Harry Reid's new slam: Sharron Angle soft on domestic violence

Battling to keep his Nevada Senate seat, Reid unleashes one of his hardest-hitting ads to date. Will it work?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Harry Reid told a crowd of Latino supporters he doesn't "know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican."

Harry Reid's 'Hispanic Republicans' uproar

The Senate majority leader faces a backlash after saying he doesn't understand why any Hispanic American would vote Republican

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Sharron Angle is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada

Why is Sharron Angle fleeing reporters?

The Nevada Tea Party favorite invites reporters to an event, then dashes out as they ask questions. Is she afraid of the media?

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Sharron Angle.

Sharron Angle: Fatally gaffe-prone?

As Nevada Senate candidate Angle's regrettable public comments on rape and other issues add up, could she now be her rival Harry Reid's "biggest asset?"

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Reid's resurrected Sharron Angle's website -- and she's not happy about it

The Harry Reid-Sharron Angle website war

The fight for Reid's Senate seat now revolves around Angle's defunct website. Was it wrong for Reid to resurrect it and expose her history of "extreme" positions?

Sharron Angle : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets about 'Sharron Angle'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Should the NRA support the Democrats?

The NRA: Endorsing Harry Reid?

Historically aligned with Republicans, the NRA may endorse Harry Reid in Nevada's hotly contested Senate race. And some conservative commentators are crying foul.

Sharron Angle : Opinion Brief
Are critics unfairly painting Angle as an extremist?

Is Sharron Angle dangerous?

The Nevada Republican once invoked the idea of armed insurrection against the government. Are critics twisting Angle's words or is she a not-so-secret extremist?

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