Mad Men : Instant Guide
Mad Men returns on April 7, the first of only 26 episodes left in the critically acclaimed series.

Mad Men season 6: Everything we know so far

AMC has revealed that the critically beloved drama will return with a two-hour premiere on April 7. And that's not all...

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
After a shockingly grim season, Mad Men's finale concluded with a quietly portentous suggestion that Don Draper may return to his old, adulterous ways.

Mad Men's quiet finale: A disappointing end to season five?

Critics are split on the moody, choppy final episode of the AMC drama's action-packed season, which leaves Don Draper pondering the question "Are you alone?"

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
One theory behind Peggy Olsen's sudden exit from the Mad Men agency: Elizabeth Moss, the actress who plays her, had to leave early to film the BBC miniseries, Top of the Lake.

Mad Men without Peggy: Still worth watching?

Rumor has it that Elisabeth Moss, who plays proto-feminist copywriter Peggy Olsen, is leaving the hit AMC drama for good, sending fans and critics into mourning

Mad Men : Controversy
Don Draper lands the Jaguar account for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but not before the legendary brand's image takes a beating.

Jaguar vs. Mad Men: How the company is dealing with the show's unflattering portrayal

AMC's drama has built much of its season around a Jaguar plotline — highlighting unreliable vehicles and lecherous car execs — and the automaker is feeling the pain

Mad Men : Fact Sheet
There may be no character more maligned than Betty Draper, but her surprising weight gain as revealed in last week's episode may have warmed her icy edge.

Mad Men: The 'Fat Betty' backlash

Fans and critics were stunned by the famously svelte character's drastic weight gain — and they can't stop talking and griping about it

Mad Men : Instant Guide
Megan Draper's performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou" at Don's birthday party has become the "Mad Men" premiere's most talked-about scene.

'Zou Bisou Bisou': The scoop on the bizarre French song from the Mad Men premiere

Don Draper's new wife performs a competely unexpected burlesque routine, immediately earworming a '60s French song into fans' heads. What was that ditty, anyway?

Mad Men : The List
in the "Mad Men" season premiere, the action has been propelled forward to 1966.

7 reasons Mad Men's season premiere is 'insanely riveting'

A long 17 months after its discombobulating season four finale, AMC's drama finally returns Sunday night. Here's why the new episode is worth the wait

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
This week, Newsweek dedicated its entire issue, inside and out, to a 1960s-style celebration of the fifth season of "Mad Men."

Is Newsweek 'shilling' for Mad Men?

The venerable weekly goes all out to celebrate the hit show's return, festooning its newest issue with ads that pay homage to the 1960s

Mad Men : Burning Question
If "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner gets his wish, fans will be completely surprised by what befalls Don Draper in next week's 5th season premiere.

Has Mad Men's spoiler phobia gone too far?

With the long-awaited season premiere airing next week, the show's creator pens a letter to reviewers begging them not to reveal a single plot point

Mad Men : Analysis
"Mad Men" may stretch on for three more seasons, but Matthew Weiner is already considering how Don and company will say goodbye, and not everyone is pleased.

Mad Men's ending revealed: Is Matthew Weiner's plan satisfying?

The creator of the retro AMC drama confesses that he knows how the series will conclude — with a flashforward to modern day

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
"The Hour" is a 1950s period-drama set in the BBC newsroom during the rise of investigative journalism, a media shift comparable to the advertising "creative revolution" that backdrops "Mad Men."

The Hour: The next Mad Men?

A moody stylized period drama airing on BBC America could make Mad Men fans forget their frustrations over Don Draper's prolonged hiatus

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
Jon Hamm makes $250,000 per episode playing Don Draper on AMC's "Mad Men" -- the exact amount that the per-episode budget of "The Walking Dead" was just cut.

Could Mad Men wreck Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead?

Fans fear that AMC has spent so much money on Don Draper and Co. that it won't have enough left over to maintain its other hit series

Mad Men : Slideshow
Does Mad Men really need Betty and Don? Creators and bloggers debate the series' expendable characters.

Which characters could 'Mad Men' afford to lose?

AMC and Lionsgate reportedly demand that the hit show save money by ditching at least two characters. Who should it be?

Mad Men : Irony Alert
What would Don Draper do? In a plot twist befitting the series itself, "Mad Men" will be delayed until 2012 because of product placement disputes between the network and the hit show's creator.

Irony alert: 'Mad Men' delayed until 2012... over advertising dispute

A disagreement over advertising is one of the main sticking points holding up the fifth season of the acclaimed AMC show that's set in an ad agency

Mad Men : Best Column
"Mad Men" is merely a "soap opera decked out in high-end clothes" says Daniel Mendelsohn at The New York Review of Books.

Why 'Mad Men' is one of the worst shows on TV

AMC's hit show suffers from bad writing, preposterous plotting, and amateurish acting, declares Daniel Mendelsohn at The New York Review of Books

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
Will Don Draper find (relative) happiness with his new bride? Creator Matthew Weiner is hinting darkly that fans will never know the answer.

The end of 'Mad Men'?

Creator Matthew Weiner says he doesn't know when, or if, AMC will renew his contract and guarantee a fifth season of his hit show. Should viewers be worried?

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