Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque : Instant Guide
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the man behind the proposed "mosque" at Ground Zero.

Who is Feisal Abdul Rauf — the man behind the 'Ground Zero mosque'?

Moderate Muslim bridge-builder or secret terrorist enabler? Here's a guide to the Iman who instigated plans for the controversial Park51 Islamic center

Ground Zero Mosque : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on opposition to the 'Ground Zero mosque'?

Take our reader poll: The New York Times’ Frank Rich says opposition to the proposed mosque near Ground Zero is undermining our troops' efforts in Afghanistan. Agree?

Ground Zero Mosque : World Reactions
Men attend Friday prayers at the proposed site of the highly controversial Park51 mosque and cultural center.

'Ground Zero mosque' uproar: World reactions

The Islamic community center near Ground Zero is the most-talked about issue in America. What are they saying abroad?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
An opponent of the proposed mosque holds a sign during a demonstration on August 22, 2010.

Is 'Islamophobia' putting America at risk?

Liberal columnist Frank Rich says the strident opposition to the Park51 Islamic center is only helping al Qaeda

Ground Zero Mosque : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Will the Ground Zero mosque controversy damage the Democrats in November?

The 'Ground Zero mosque' and the midterms

Will the proposed Park51 Islamic community center in lower Manhattan damage the Democrats in November?

Ground Zero Mosque : Fact Sheet
The proposed community center would feature recreational facilities, an auditorium, classrooms and a Sept. 11 memorial.

What would the 'Ground Zero mosque' be, anyway?

The Islamic cultural center planned near the World Trade Center site has stirred up a fierce controversy. What exactly will be in the building?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Some say Bush was always good at separating the acts of terrorists from Islam as a whole.

'Ground Zero mosque': What would George W. Bush do?

Mosque supporters say the former president could ease tensions by reminding people we're not at war with Islam 

Ground Zero Mosque : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on Obama's defense of the 'Ground Zero mosque'?

Take our reader poll: President Obama has defended the Constitutional right of Muslims to build the "Ground Zero mosque." Was that a political error?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Americans tend to expect newcomers to assimilate to the American way of life, and quickly.

Do U.S. Muslims need to do a better job of assimilating?

The proposed "Ground Zero Mosque" is proof that Muslims haven't yet joined mainstream American culture, say some commentators

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Obama's recent comments enraged the mosque's opponents, who say its construction would be insensitive to 9/11 victims' families.

'Ground Zero mosque': Was Obama right to speak up?

The president has entered the discussion over the proposed Islamic community in downtown Manhattan, angering both critics and supporters of the project

Ground Zero Mosque : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Did Obama step out of bounds with his Ground Zero comments?

Obama's mosque stance

Did the president make a mistake by wading into the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
The song says building the mosque is "a slap in the face" and that proponents of the mosque are "making fools of us."

The anti-'Ground Zero mosque' anthem

Opponents of the mosque set to be built two blocks from Ground Zero have expressed their dissent in the form of a protest song

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Is Greg Gutfeld's proposal to build a gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque just a publicity stunt?

A Muslim gay bar near Ground Zero?

Fox News provocateur Greg Gutfeld plans to open a gay bar next to the controversial Ground Zero mosque — to test how tolerant its supporters really are

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Some say the Muslim religion is incompatible with the American way of life.

America's growing 'resistance' to mosques

It isn't just Ground Zero — local groups are opposing new mosques in several states. Why the sudden backlash?

Ground Zero Mosque : Opinion Brief
Robert Gibbs: Strangely quiet about the mosque at Ground Zero.

'Ground Zero mosque': The Democrats' 'startling' silence

Prominent Republicans are pushing to stop an Islamic center from being built near Ground Zero. Where's the Democratic counterargument?

Ground Zero Mosque : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on the 'Ground Zero mosque'?

Take our reader poll: The Anti-Defamation League has opposed the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. Good move?

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