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Hallucinogenic Drugs

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Instant Guide
Bath salts can reportedly cause a user to have scary, superhuman strength that, in some cases, can render a stun gun or taser ineffective.

Bath salts: The quasi-legal drug allegedly behind Miami's cannibal attack

The dangerous synthetic thought to have played a role in a vicious mauling — of a human, by a human — can be as easy to buy as aspirin

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Fact Sheet
A sheet of perforated printed blotter paper soaked with a solution of LSD: New research claims dropping acid can help cure alcoholism.

Should we use LSD to treat alcoholism?

A new look at the old practice of giving LSD to alcoholics suggests the trippy treatment deserves a second chance

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Opinion Brief
Coffee addicts beware: That comforting cup of joe, when consumed in excess of five servings a day, may turn you into a hallucinating fool.

Coffee: The new hallucinogenic craze?

A new Australian study says that a serious coffee habit can make people see and hear imaginary things (involving Bing Crosby). Time to put down the java?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Controversy
Concentrated bath salts are being used to get a high that mimics cocaine: Nine people have reportedly died in the past year after using such synthetic drugs.

Bath salts and fake pot: America's new drug war

Synthetic, over-the-counter drugs that mimic the effects of cocaine and marijuana are gaining popularity. But are they more dangerous than the real thing?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Best Video
This 1950s housewife seems to have encountered a different reality that was "so beautiful and lovely and alive" after taking LSD.

The 1950s housewife on LSD

Newly unearthed footage shows a doctor speaking with a straight-laced woman in the middle of an acid trip. Best interview ever?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Instant Guide
Researchers at Yale University found that a strong sedative called ketamine can help reverse the effects of depression.

Can horse tranquilizers cure depression?

Pharmacologists think ketamine — a dangerous "party drug" sometimes known as Special K — could help sufferers of depression. How on earth would that work?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Analysis
Does "i-dosing" work?

What is 'i-dosing'?

Some say mind-altering sound is the next big "drug" craze among American teens. Really?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Burning Question
Ecstasy, or MDMA, is a popular recreational psychedelic, especially among young club-goers.

Can 'ecstasy' cure PTSD?

An illegal psychedelic has promise as a cure for post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers. Following, a quick guide to "the peace drug"

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Flashback
Magic mushrooms: Just what the doctor ordered?

Medicinal 'magic mushrooms': The new Prozac?

Why psychedelic drugs are returning as a legitimate treatment for depression

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