Dow Ups and Downs

Dow Ups and Downs : Opinion Brief
The conditions for the Omen were met last Thursday, and if it repeats in 36 days, believers say the odds of a market crash increase considerably.

The 'Hindenburg Omen': Prelude to a stock market crash?

The apperance of the dreaded Hindenburg Omen — an obscure technical indicator of a market plunge — has some analysts terrified. Should the rest of us be?

Dow Ups and Downs : Opinion Brief
A prominent analyst says the Dow is headed for a historic plunge

Could the Dow plunge to 1,000?

One prominent market forecaster says the U.S. is on the precipice of the worst market crash in its history — ending in a three-digit Dow. Time to sell?

Dow Ups and Downs : In-depth briefing
High-speed trading accounts for up to 70 percent of trading in shares listed on the NY Stock Exchange.

Wall Street's secret advantage: High-speed trading

They're unknown and invisible to most of us, but electronic trading programs now rule the stock markets

Dow Ups and Downs : Opinion Brief
What was behind the Dow's precipitous fall?

The Dow Jones 'flash crash': 5 theories

The stock market lost more than $1 trillion in 15 minutes yesterday, before gaining most of it back. What triggered the "flash crash"?

Dow Ups and Downs : Opinion Brief
dow plunge

The Dow's 1,000-point plunge: What happened?

Seemingly out of nowhere, the stock market plummeted in the middle of the trading day. Was it a technical error, or something more worrying?

Dow Ups and Downs : Opinion Brief
Will Obama's financial reforms fry your nest egg?

Obama vs. your 401(k)

Stocks dropped sharply last week, as "anti-business" Obama took on Wall Street. Is your nest egg in trouble?

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