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Mysteries of Space : By the numbers
A fragment of the Russian meteorite that could sell for $2,220 per gram.

Russia's massive meteorite: By the numbers

The big space rock that crashed into the Ural Mountains last week was the largest in a century, and worth more than its weight in gold

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A fireball-looking meteor streaks across the sky of Russia's Ural Mountains on Feb. 15.

Everything you need to know about meteor strikes

Incidents like the one over Russia happen roughly once every five years, and there's little we can do to predict them

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Black hole

PHOTO: This beautiful black hole is the youngest ever discovered

At just 1,000 years old, W49B is thought to be the beginnings of a little-observed phenomenon

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A football-field-sized asteroid may be worth a pretty penny.

Is the asteroid zipping past Earth this week really worth $195 billion?

Deep Space Industries claims the space rock flying by Friday could be worth its weight in gold

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A stone carving depicts Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the underworld.

How you can help name Pluto's two new moons

P4 and P5 need new names. How does Cerberus sound? Or Styx?

Mysteries of Space : The List
One way to get rid of an asteroid: Spray paint... really.

6 clever ways to avoid getting hit by an asteroid

Why nuke a space rock when you can cover it with spray paint or zap it with lasers?

Mysteries of Space : Best Video
Giant asteroid

WATCH: A 150-foot asteroid's near-brush with Earth

NASA says a space rock half the size of a football field will zip past us on Feb. 15

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Portable 3D printers may be able to do so much more than make desk chotchkies.

How 3D printers might help us build a base on the moon

Mankind's quest to live among the stars gets a little more realistic with the advent of 3D printing

Mysteries of Space : The List
Iran's brave, if petrified, little space monkey.

Iran's space monkey and other high-flying animals

Tehran claims it has sent a monkey to the edge of space and brought it home alive. But plenty of frontier-busting beasts have already made the trip

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
The DragonFly concept: A 75-pound probe that would fly around prospective asteroids collecting rock samples.

One U.S. company's bold plan to mine asteroids flying by Earth

Deep Space Industries sees dollar signs in the stars

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Thanks to a new discovery, we're reminded that little old Earth is just a speck on a speck on a speck in this vast universe.

Behold: The biggest object in the known universe

The Huge-LQG stretches 4 billion light-years across at its longest point

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Comet C/2001 Q4 could be seen by the naked eye in May 2008. This year, another comet may burn even brighter.

The massive comet that may shine brighter than the moon in 2013

Astronomers are geeking out over a streaking object called ISON

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
An artist rendering of the different types of planets in our Milky Way as determined by NASA's Kepler spacecraft.

NASA's search for another Earth narrows: Meet our closest twin yet

Meet KOI 172.02 — a potentially wet exoplanet just a tiny bit bigger than our own

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Don't panic: This is not going to happen.

The 900-foot asteroid flying by Earth on Wednesday

Meet Apophis — a giant space rock named after an Egyptian demon

Mysteries of Space : From our friends at Mental Floss
The speed of the Star Trek Enterprise is measured by warp factors.

5 fictional ways to go very fast in space

Space operas would be pretty boring without some way to go very far, very fast

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Wanted: Astronauts for a one-way trip to Mars

Wanted: Astronauts for a one-way trip to Mars

A non-profit organization starts a global search to find candidates willing to settle on the Red Planet... indefinitely

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