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Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Poor Pluto (seen in an artist's rendition of our solar system) was demoted from planetary status in 2006 ââ¬â a decision that's been widely criticized.

Pluto: A planet once again?

Though Pluto's planetary status was rudely revoked in 2006, the discovery of a new moon orbiting the celestial body might just spark a reversal

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Scientists have located a cloud of water vapor, as seen in this artist's rendition, that contains 140 trillion times as much water as all the oceans on Earth.

Discovered: The universe’s biggest water supply?

Astronomers' latest revelation proves that water has been around since the very earliest years of the cosmos

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Moonbows are a colorful optical effect caused by moonlight passing through mist or water vapor.

The 'stunning' video of Yosemite's 'moonbows'

These rare nighttime quasi-rainbows occur in only a few places on Earth

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
A massive storm is brewing on Saturn, and thanks to NASA's Cassini spacecraft, earthlings can get a feel for its shocking size.

The Earth-sized storm raging on Saturn

A violent storm is churning on the ringed planet, and now scientists know exactly what it looks like

Mysteries of Space : Burning Question
Astronomers are confident that if we search 1 million stars over the next two decades, we'll detect communication from an alien civilization.

Will humans really discover aliens in the next 20 years?

A Russian astronomer says we're virtually guaranteed to find extraterrestrial life if we look hard enough. It's a matter of simple — OK, not so simple — math

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Saturn's moon Helene is seen up close, thanks to a NASA orbiter that swopped within 4,330 miles of the lumpy moon.

The 'gorgeous' close-up of Saturn's 'ice queen' moon

NASA's Cassini orbiter swoops past Helene, and captures how beautiful and "weird" the lumpy little moon really is

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
In this artist rendition a black hole rips apart a star that wandered too close, creating a beam of energy that traveled 3.8 billion light years to Earth.

The 'mayday call' from a murdered star

Astronomers believe they've uncovered the source of a mysterious blast of radiation that reached Earth in late March

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Each of the magnetic bubbles at the edge of the solar system are about as wide as the distance between the Earth and the sun.

The giant bubbles at the solar system's edge

NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft have given scientists a surprising new understanding of the boundaries of our solar system

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
A solar flare bursts from the sun's surface with an enormous plume of energy, as seen in this close-up video footage.

The 'epic' explosions on the surface of the sun

A massive solar flare erupts, but gravity pulls the streaks of fiery matter back onto the sun's surface

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
This artist's conception depicts a Jupiter-like planet floating alone in space without a parent star: New research suggests that there are hundreds of billions of orphan planets in our galaxy.

The galaxy's 'rogue' planets: Could they hit Earth?

Astronomers have found planets that float freely in space, unencumbered by any star's gravity — and there may be hundreds of billions of them in our galaxy

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
New Jersey teens lift the tarp covering a large hole that appeared in the lawn of a suburban home. Some say a mysterious meteor is to blame.

New Jersey's 'meteor mystery'

What caused the strange hole that appeared in an unsuspecting suburban family's yard?

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
An artist's rendering of Gliese 581d and its possible moons: The planet was thought to be too cold to sustain life, but new research suggests it may be just right.

The nearby, Earth-like planet that might support life

Astronomers say a rocky world just 20 light years away could be the first outside our own solar system to sustain life. A guide to planet Gliese 581d

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Josef Stalin orchestrated the so-called Roswell incident of 1947 as an American-scaring Cold War tactic, according to author Annie Jacobsen.

Was Stalin behind the Roswell UFOs?

A new book suggests that a favorite incident of UFO conspiracy theorists was really just a Cold War attempt to scare Americans

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
This month, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury will cluster together and be among the brightest objects in the pre-dawn sky.

The 'fascinating' pre-dawn dance of the planets

Throughout May, four bright planets will huddle close together in the sky, in a "beautiful gathering" that happens only once a decade

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
A glowing orb sits in the sunset sky over Lake Erie: The man behind the camera, UFO zealot Michael Lee Hill, says the light is an alien spacecraft that has been monitoring him over a period of years.

Lights over Lake Erie: 'Best UFO footage ever'?

An Ohio man elicits chuckles with claims that a flickering light he captured on video is an alien spaceship whose crew knows he's filming them

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A nearby alien planet called 55 Cancri e orbits a star much like our own sun.

The 'exotic' super-Earth that's as dense as lead

Astronomers are thrilled over a nearby world that could promise the most significant breakthrough yet in the study of planetary evolution

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