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Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
The SETI institute has shut down its Allen Telescope Array, named after Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who originally funded the search for intelligent life project.

Is the U.S. too broke to search for aliens?

Short on funds, the SETI Institute temporarily shuts down its Allen Telescope Array, which had been used to hunt for alien life forms

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Between Saturn and its sixth largest moon is an electrical circuit that projects a shimmering path of light, as seen in this artist rendering.

Saturn's 'spectacular' northern lights show

Scientists discover a Sweden-sized patch of light shimmering on the surface of the ringed planet, and link it to an icy moon

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
From the highest mountain in Spain, photographer Terje Sorgjerd sacrificed sleep in order to capture stunning footage of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The 'breathtaking' time-lapse video of the Milky Way

A photographer spends a week on a mountain in Spain, and returns with mesmerizing footage of our star-packed galaxy

Mysteries of Space : Slideshow
This image of galaxy Messier 33 is just one of many released by NASA after a 14-month picture-gathering mission.

NASA's 'spectacular' map of the stars: A slideshow

A photo-snapping spacecraft captures millions of incredible outer space images. Here, nine of the best

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
A 1950 photograph of an unidentified flying object over Oregon: An FBI memo released this week seems to confirm an account of "flying saucers" crashing in New Mexico the same year.

Does a new FBI memo prove that UFOs exist?

The feds release a document with details of three flying saucers purportedly recovered in New Mexico. Is it an old hoax — or fresh reason to believe?

Mysteries of Space : By the numbers
Yuri Gagarin on the bus ride before the world's first manned spaceflight, on April 12, 1961; The Soviet cosmonaut traveled 108 minutes in space, at an altitude of 200 miles above the Earth.

Yuri Gagarin's first manned spaceflight: By the numbers

It's been 50 years since the Soviet air force pilot blasted off in a rocket and circled the earth for 108 minutes. He's since been followed into space by 522 people from 38 nations

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
No ordinary celestial explosion, this rare color burst is likely caused by a star being torn apart by a black hole in a faraway galaxy.

The brightest space explosion in history

Astronomers saw an enormous section of space light up last week in the longest cosmic explosion in history. The culprit? A black hole which literally tore apart a massive star

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
"Curiosity" the rover lands on Mars in this animated video after a harrowing trip that sees it shedding many layers and parts as it travels across the universe.

How NASA will land a rover on Mars

An animation shows how NASA's high-tech 'Curiosity' vehicle will find its way to the Red Planet, and possibly discover whether life exists there

Mysteries of Space : Burning Question
The Square Kilometer Array will be made of up about 3,000 dishes (as seen here in this artists impression) that pick up signals across the universe.

Could the world's biggest telescope help us find aliens?

The $2.2 billion Square Kilometer Array project will be the most powerful telescope on Earth — and it might just help us discover extraterrestrial life

Mysteries of Space : Best Column
If an asteroid were plummeting toward Earth, says Phil Plait at Blastr, NASA scientists wouldn't be quite as quick on the draw as their Hollywood counterparts.

What would really happen if an asteroid was headed for Earth?

Forget what you've see in the movies, says Phil Plait at Blastr. Shockingly, Hollywood's got it all wrong

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
A NASA spacecraft sends back images of never-before-seen parts of Mercury's mysterious surface.

Mercury's first close-up

A U.S. spacecraft sends back high-resolution snapshots of the innermost planet in our solar system — revealing a "terrible beauty"

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
A Hubble Space Telescope captures the blue glow of young stars within a galaxy: Scientists say the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, and that they've pinned down the exact figure.

Have scientists cracked the speed at which the universe is expanding?

Yes — and you'll be pleased to know the magic figure is 73.8 km/sec/megaparsec. So... what the heck does that mean?

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Saturday's supermoon, as seen from an observatory in Toronto, Canada, appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the smallest full moons

The 'dazzling' Super Moon

Saturday's much-anticipated Super Moon — the largest and brightest full moon in nearly two decades — thrilled many onlookers, and terrified others

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
An illustration of the proposed space gas station, an invention that could extend the life of orbiting satellites and reduce our space-junk problem.

The galaxy's first space gas station

Cars aren't the only vehicles that need fuel. And starting in 2014, satellites may be able to line up at the pump, too

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
NASA's proposed laser wouldn't destroy space junk, but would nudge it out of the path of satellites and spacecraft.

NASA's plan to clean up space junk: Lasers

Forget giant orbital space nets. A laser mounted on the north pole can solve all our space garbage problems, says NASA

Mysteries of Space : In-depth briefing
The 1980s classic "E.T." excited audiences with the notion that there was life beyond our planet; scientists are now finding this increasingly possible.

Hunting for E.T.

Astronomers have discovered that the sky is teeming with planets. Are any inhabited?

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