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Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Alan Friedman's photograph makes the violent inferno seem like a gentle giant.

The 'truly astonishing' close-up photo of the sun

Photographer Alan Friedman captures an extraordinary image of the sun, showing gases swirling on its fiery surface

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
On March 19th, the moon will travel as close to earth as it's been in nearly 20 years, alarming astrologers if not the scientific world.

Could a 'Super Moon' cause climate chaos?

Next week, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in almost 20 years. Some fret that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters will follow

Mysteries of Space : Slideshow
Indonesiaââ¬â¢s Mount Merapi began erupting with a violent series of spasms that began in late October, 2010, and lasted for a month. This false-color satellite image of the volcano is the perfect way to kick off our slide show of disasters photographed from above.

Disasters from above

NASA's space images of human suffering on earth

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
The Air Force launches the X-37B Friday on a mission so mysterious that some expert observers are hesitant to even hazard a guess.

The Air Force shuttle's secret mission: 5 theories

The X-37B spacecraft's "classified" mission is a real mystery. Will it launch spy satellites? A secret space weapon?

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
NASA was able to catch one of the solar flares that occurred last week on film; the fiery tentacles stretched thousands of miles.

NASA's 'incredible' solar flare video

This close-up, high-definition footage of a colossal eruption on the surface of the sun has space enthusiasts gawping

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Indian scientists believe they have located an underground cave on the moon with a temperate climate that would make it an ideal base for future manned missions.

The gigantic underground moon cave

Indian scientists have uncovered a cavern on the moon big enough to be a home base for human voyagers. Is this a game-changer for space exploration?

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
An artist's rendering of the Kepler telescope, which has helped scientists locate 1,235 planets in one small section of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Milky Way's 500 million potentially habitable planets

The first cosmic census of our galaxy says that we are surrounded by 50 billion planets, including half a billion on which life could exist

Mysteries of Space : The List
A close-up image of the solar flare storm that began Tuesday -- the biggest such storm in nearly five years.

The 'massive' solar storm: 4 possible repercussions

A giant burst of magnetic energy from the sun is zapping the earth. Here's why we may not come out unscathed

Mysteries of Space : Fact Sheet
Dreams of raising a family in another galaxy? Keep dreaming: Some scientists have concluded that humans can't procreate in outer space.

Why humans will never colonize space

Our dream of life beyond the stars may be thwarted by fertility-sapping cosmic rays, says a NASA biophysicist

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
Two "astronauts" are spending 500 days on a mock-space flight in Moscow.

Moscow's mock mission to Mars

After a seven-month journey, European astronauts have touched down on the surface of "Mars" — or, a sandpit in a Moscow warehouse

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
According to one theory, ridges in Mars' surface, featured in the video, may be the remains of old river channels.

NASA's 'groovy' Mars music video

Stunning photographs of the Red Planet plus a psychedelic soundtrack equals outer-space magic

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
This computer generated graphic shows the build-up of tracked orbital debris, such as non-functional satellites, that currently orbits the Earth.

Japan's plan to collect space garbage with... a giant fishing net?

The clutter of broken satellites and abandoned rockets in our orbit is reaching a "tipping point," say scientists. Luckily, the Japanese have a solution

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
This artist rendering shows one of the recently identified planetary systems, called Kepler-11, which has a sun-like star and six orbiting planets.

NASA's 'astonishing' find: 54 planets that can sustain human life

The space agency has identified dozens of planets that may be hospitable to earthlings. Could intelligent life be living on one of them?

Mysteries of Space : Essay
Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, are so close in size they are often considered a double planet, according to NASA.

The last word: Death of a planet

When astronomers debated the fate of Pluto, the stakes for author Mike Brown were personal

Mysteries of Space : Opinion Brief
The faint red blob might seem like a trifle, but it's one of the earliest galaxies ever spotted in the universe.

A glimpse at the oldest galaxy ever found

The Hubble Telescope captured images of a faint cluster of stars more than 13 billion years old

Mysteries of Space : Instant Guide
Even if predictions of a second sun are fulfilled, the double sunset would not be as spectacular as the one Luke Skywalker witnessed in "Star Wars."

Could we (temporarily) get a second sun?

A massive star seems poised to explode — leading some to conclude we'll soon be seeing two suns, and others to dismiss such talk as apocalyptic nonsense

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