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Bush Tax Cuts

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
President Obama called on Congress to pass a temporary, one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year.

Do the Bush tax cuts help the economy or not?

The 10-year-old tax cuts are sparking yet another political standoff, with Republicans countering Obama, saying that letting any tax cuts expire would cost jobs

Bush Tax Cuts : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: Democrats should extend the Bush tax cuts

Promising the GOP four more years of Bush-era tax rates may be the key to successfully inking a deal on the debt ceiling

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
George W. Bush signed his first round of tax cuts into law on June 7, 2001, and a decade later, people are still debating whether or not they were a "colossal failure."

The Bush tax cuts turn 10: Were they a 'colossal failure'?

The unemployment rate is stubbornly high, the national debt is ballooning, and many Americans are despondent over their finances. Are the Bush tax cuts to blame?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Will the rich jump at the chance to redirect their tax-cut-extension savings to charities, including Habitat for Humanity and Children's Aid Society?

Should the rich give their tax-cut money back?

A website launched by Ivy League professors encourages the rich to calculate how much the Bush-era tax cuts are saving them, and donate the money to charity

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
The tax deal gives "President Obama... reason to celebrate," says Mitt Romney in a "USA Today" op-ed.

Could conservatives kill Obama's tax-cut deal?

Some GOP leaders, led by Mitt Romney, oppose the compromise deal to temporarily extend the Bush tax cuts. Could they sink the bill?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Tweeters using the hash tag #filibernie shared the exploits of Bernie Sanders' eight-plus hour speech protesting a vote on the tax deal.

What did Bernie Sanders' speech accomplish?

The independent Vermont senator delivered an impassioned eight-hour "filibuster" against the Obama-GOP tax deal. Did he change anything?

Bush Tax Cuts : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Who won on the Bush tax cuts deal?

The Obama-GOP tax truce: Good deal?

President Obama is getting grief from the Left, and even a little from the Right, over his deal to extend all Bush-era tax cuts for two years

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Nancy Pelosi.

Did House Democrats doom the tax deal?

Angry Congressional Democrats voted to ignore the Obama-GOP compromise in its present form. What happens next?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Majority Leader Harry Reid said the deal with Republicans was "only a framework" and changes were needed.

Will Democrats get behind Obama's tax deal?

After striking a compromise with Republicans, the president faces his next big challenge: Rallying his own party

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
The cost of extending the Bush tax cuts represents "only about 37 percent" of the agreement's total tally.

Did Obama 'sucker' the GOP?

Democrats are furious over President Obama's tax deal with Congressional Republicans, and the GOP is thrilled. Do they both have it backwards?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
While on the campaign trail, Obama pledged that he would not allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to continue past the Dec 31 expiration.

Will Obama's tax deal boost the economy?

The president and GOP leaders have a deal to extend the Bush tax cuts. But will their compromise help create jobs and spur spending?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), who has headed tax cut negotiations, says no one should have their taxes raised in such a bad economy.

Is the GOP on the verge of a tax-cut victory?

Obama seems ready to compromise on extending tax cuts for the rich, infuriating many Democrats. But does he really have a choice?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Hotel tycoon Leona Helmsley famously left her Maltese Trouble (example of the breed shown here), a $12 million trust fund when she died in 2007.

Leona Helmsley's dog enters the tax-cut debate

A House Democrat says Republicans care more about a multimillionaire Maltese named Trouble than about the middle class

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Nancy Pelosi.

House Dems' tax cut move: Bold or 'chicken crap'?

House Democrats maneuvered through an extension of Bush-era tax cuts for everyone but households making $250,000 or more. The GOP was not amused

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says Democratic leaders are just trying to push through a liberal agenda before the end of the year.

Is the GOP really holding government hostage?

Republicans say nothing will get through Congress until Democrats extend Bush-era tax cuts. Is that obstructionism or a path to progress?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Millionaire Ben Cohen, cofounder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, says the Bush tax cuts for the super-wealthy should expire.

The 'patriotic' millionaires who want to pay more taxes

Dozens of wealthy liberals are urging President Obama to kill their Bush-era tax cuts. Are they being patriotic or political?

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