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Bush Tax Cuts

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Obama may "surrender" the fight against extending the Bush tax cuts.

Obama's 'surrender' on Bush tax cuts

David Axelrod says the White House will agree to a temporary continuation of all the steep Bush-era tax cuts. Has it given in too easily?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Harry Reid said the Senate would vote to extend only the middle-income tax cuts by September, but campaign politics delayed the debate.

Could the Bush tax cuts really expire?

Democrats want to extend tax cuts for the middle class. The GOP wants extend them for rich people, too. What happens if the parties can't reach a compromise?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Tax cuts: Are Democrats foolish to punt?

Critics say the Dems are throwing away a golden opportunity by not picking an election-season fight with the GOP over tax cuts for the wealthy

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
The "fortunate few" with combined incomes above $250,000 should be taxed more, some say.

Is $250,000 a year really 'rich?'

The debate rages over whether to extend Bush tax cuts for Americans earning more than $250,000 — an amount some say hardly translates into being "wealthy"

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
Mitch McConnell will introduce an act that could make the contentious Bush tax cuts permanent.

The GOP's plan to make Bush tax cuts permanent

Senate Republicans will introduce a measure to permanently extend the expiring tax breaks introduced by George W. Bush. Can we afford it?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
House GOP leader John Boehner seems to have changed his mind on Obama's tax cut plans.

Did the GOP 'blink' on tax cuts for the rich?

House GOP leader John Boehner seems to have agreed to Obama's plan to pass just middle class cuts. Is this fight already over?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
President Obama is struggling to maintain Democrats' support for ending Bush tax cuts.

Are Democrats abandoning Obama on Bush tax cuts?

Many in the president's party are backing away from his policy of letting taxes rise for the wealthiest Americans

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
President Obama wants to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire while extending cuts for the middle class.

The 'Bush tax cuts' showdown

President Obama insists that the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy lapse, and the GOP insists they be extended. Which side will prevail?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
The Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders want to let George W. Bush's tax cuts for couples making more than $250,000 a year expire.

Do enough Democrats want to extend Bush tax cuts?

With increasing numbers of moderate Democrats balking, Obama's plan to let tax cuts for the rich expire hits a serious snag

Bush Tax Cuts : The List
Should we extend Bush's tax cuts?

Extending the Bush tax cuts: Who's for it — and against?

Unless Congress acts, the tax cuts from 2001 to 2003 will expire. Here's what both sides are saying in Washington's newest dust-up

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
George W. Bush

The battle over the Bush tax cuts

Would Democrats be hampering the recovery if they let the Bush tax cuts expire? Or are Republicans being fiscally reckless by arguing we should renew them?

Bush Tax Cuts : Opinion Brief
George W. Bush

Time to scrap Bush's tax cuts?

Tax cuts enacted a decade ago are set to expire soon. Republicans want to extend them indefinitely. Democrats say we can't afford to. Who's right?

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