Barack Obama : By the numbers
President Obama addressed the nation Tuesday night with a State of the Union speech that barely registered at the eighth grade reading level, ranking it among the most rudimentary such speeches in history.

Obama's '8th grade reading level' SOTU address: By the numbers

Tuesday's State of the Union had one of the lowest reading comprehension levels in decades. Did the president dumb things down too much?

Barack Obama : Fact Sheet
During his election-year State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Obama mentioned Osama bin Laden more than health care reform, his signature legislative achievement.

Obama's 'confrontational' State of the Union: 8 talking points

The president hammers the theme of economic fairness, tells a cringe-worthy joke about spilt milk, and targets Mitt Romney — without ever mentioning him by name

Barack Obama : Instant Guide
Political prognosticators expect President Obama's third State of the Union address to be a campaign-style populist pitch that hammers a "do-nothing Congress."

Obama's State of the Union: A viewer's guide

On Tuesday night, the president will spell out his prescription for America's ills, and makes the case for his re-election. A look at what to expect

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: Obama's top 5 successes

The president will surely boast of his accomplishments during Tuesday night's State of the Union address. So what exactly are they?

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Obama's recess dilemma

The president may be tempted to make several appointments while Congress is on holiday, but doing so poses major political risks

Barack Obama : Analysis
President Obama

President Obama's rising approval rating: 4 theories

The commander-in-chief was sagging in the polls for months. What's helping him bounce back?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Las Vegas Mannequins offers two versions of its Barack Obama lookalike mannequins: A full-body rendering, and this disembodied head.

The 'creepy' Barack Obama mannequin

Retailers can give their clothes a more presidential presentation by draping them on a fiberglass dummy modelled after our commander-in-chief

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The many failures of Obama's Teddy Roosevelt speech

The president's diagnosis of our economic ailments is spot on. But his prescription is quack medicine

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: The brainless use of pop psychology to diss Obama

Critics claim to get inside Obama's head, and proclaim that the president is an indecisive failure. Nothing could be farther from the truth

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
After President Obama suggested that U.S. companies and bureaucrats have been "a little bit lazy" trying to woo foreign investment, Rick Perry accuses Obama of calling the whole country slothful.

Did Obama really call Americans 'lazy'?

GOP candidates accuse the president of badmouthing U.S. workers. Just what did he say, exactly?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama may be squeaky clean when it comes to sex scandals and overt corruption, but some critics say there's still been plenty of foul play on his watch.

Obama: Miraculously 'scandal-free'?

In a remarkable sign of Obama's honesty, says Jonathan Alter at Bloomberg, he's gone nearly three years in office without a true scandal

Barack Obama : Best Video
President Obama made sure to lighten the mood during his interview with Jay Leno Tuesday by addressing his strict no-Kardashian policy with his daughters.

Obama's 'serious' Tonight Show appearance

President Obama uses a late-night TV spot to defend his policies — with a little help from a complicit Jay Leno

Barack Obama : Analysis
President Obama announces his new home refinancing initiative during a speech in Nevada on Monday: The president is trying to circumvent Congress with several economy-juicing executive orders.

Can Obama kickstart the economy without Congress' help?

His jobs plan blocked by the GOP, President Obama is unveiling a slew of executive orders to juice the economy without involving his Beltway nemeses

Barack Obama : Burning Question
Moammar Gadhafi may be dead, but President Obama shouldn't take a victory lap quite yet, say critics.

Gadhafi's death: Vindication for Obama?

After being pilloried for "leading from behind," the president wins praise for the NATO-backed Libya war's ultimate success

Barack Obama : Wit
A president and his teleprompter were (briefly) parted.

Obama's stolen Teleprompter: The wisecracks

Conservatives riff on a report that a truck loaded with $200,000 worth of presidential speech-giving gear was briefly stolen in Virginia

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama, once considered a media darling, has been getting a lot of bad ink lately: A new study shows that over the last five months, only 9 percent of his coverage was positive.

Has the media turned on Obama?

Despite conservative complaints of the media's liberal bias, Obama is getting tougher press coverage than anyone in the GOP field

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