Barack Obama : Controversy
Hank Williams Jr. sings his signature Monday Night Football theme song: ESPN cut ties with the country star after he likened President Obama to Hitler.

Hank Williams Jr. fired over his Obama-Hitler rant: Did ESPN overreact?

After sparking controversy with a bizarre comparison, the singer is permanently booted from Monday Night Football

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
During an interview on Fox News on Monday, Hank Williams Jr. compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, and promptly saw his Monday Night Football theme song scrapped by ESPN.

Hank Williams Jr.'s 'bizarre' Hitler-Obama rant

The country singer behind the Monday Night Football theme song is in hot water after making unwise comparisons during an interview with Fox News

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama attempted to rally black voters Saturday, with a speech that both scolded his audience and brought them to their feet in excitement.

Obama's fiery 'stop complaining' speech: Will it motivate the base?

The president urges black leaders to stop grumbling about the lousy economy and march with him to fix it

Barack Obama : Wit
The motivation for President Obama's ill-timed wave, which blocked the face of Mongolia's president, remains a mystery, even as this photo inspires a bipartisan chorus of jokes.

The 'hilarious' photo of Obama 'moronically' waving

In a group photo with world leaders, Obama's waving hand blocks the face of Mongolia's president — and incites a fresh round of internet ridicule

Barack Obama : The List
In the Rose Garden on Monday, an unrestrained President Obama demanded new taxes on the super wealthy.

The new 'feisty, defiant' Obama: 5 theories

The president insists on new taxes on the super-rich and dares the GOP to stick up for millionaires while dissing the poor. What's gotten into Obama?  

Barack Obama : Best Column
President Obama speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in May: Contrary to popular belief, Obama may be the best friend Israel has, says John Heilemann in New York.

Barack Obama: 'The first Jewish president'?

You'd never know if from reading the opinion pages, says John Heilemann in New York, but "Obama is the best friend Israel has right now"

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Has Obama quit already?

Judging by his plans for job creation and deficit reduction, the president has given up on policy accomplishments in favor of playing politics

Barack Obama : The List
President Obama announced his $447 billion jobs plan Thursday night in an aggressive address before a joint session of Congress.

Obama's 'feisty' jobs speech: 5 takeaways

In an aggressive speech to a joint session of Congress, the president unveils his $447 billion plan to rejuvenate the economy. Will it work?  

Barack Obama : Forecast
President Obama will present his jobs plan Thursday night in a speech that some say is calculated to woo independent and moderate voters.

Obama's 'daunting' jobs speech: 4 predictions

After weeks of anticipation and wrangling over the calendar, the president will deliver his big jobs speech Thursday night. What's on the menu?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama's big jobs speech: Go bold or go home?

Obama's jobs speech: Will it rescue his plummeting popularity?

As the president's approval numbers continue to crater, the White House hopes Obama's plan to fight unemployment will reverse the trend

Barack Obama : Controversy
House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama may have resolved their speech spat, but the whole issue has left both parties looking pretty petty.

Obama and 'the great speech kerfuffle': 5 lessons

While the economy sputters, Washington fixates on the speech-scheduling spat between John Boehner and President Obama

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama backed down to House Speaker John Boehner after a squabble over the date of Obama's much-anticipated jobs speech.

The 'peevish' fight over Obama's jobs speech

The president relents after Republicans lambaste him for trying to address Congress on the same night as a much-hyped GOP presidential debate

Barack Obama : Burning Question
President Obama, along with FEMA chief Craig Fugate, speaks to the nation Sunday about the storm that battered the East Coast: The president's front-and-center role is being criticized by some as political theater.

Obama's Irene response: Leadership or theater?

In direct contrast to George W. Bush during Katrina, President Obama takes center stage to lead the federal government's relief efforts

Barack Obama : The Bullpen
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: How Obama can avoid becoming George Bush

A master of foreign policy must confront the march of the economic morons to evade the 41st president's fate

Barack Obama : Irony Alert
Obama steps off of his Canadian-made bus while touring the Midwest to chat up his yet-to-be-revealed plan to battle American unemployment.

Irony Alert: Obama conducts his jobs tour in a Canadian-built bus

A delighted New York Post points out that President Obama is vowing to fight U.S. unemployment while riding in a bus made by Quebecois workers

Barack Obama : The List
President Obama's approval ratings have dropped below 40 percent for the first time and, somewhat inevitably, analysts are blaming the economy.

What President Obama's record-low poll numbers mean: 3 theories

Gallup says Obama's approval ratings are continuing their historic, summertime decline. How worried should Democrats be?

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