Barack Obama : Best Column
President Obama is known as a great orator, but he's failed to tell Americans a persuasive, reassuring story about our floundering economy, says Drew Westen in The New York Times.

Where Obama went wrong

The candidate who inspired us with eloquent speeches has become a president who constantly fails to communicate, says Drew Westen in The New York Times

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama may never have had the support of the GOP, but now, thanks to the ongoing debt ceiling debacle, he may be losing his Democratic base as well.

Are Democrats abandoning Obama?

A crucial demographic is dragging down President Obama's poll numbers heading into the 2012 election: Disgruntled liberals

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama gives his wife a knowing look after he efficiently quiets a crying baby.

President Obama: Baby whisperer?

Michelle couldn't get an infant visitor to the White House to stop crying. Then America's father-in-chief took over the initiative

Barack Obama : Slideshow
President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)

11 golfing presidents: A visual history

From William Howard Taft to Barack Obama, our commanders-in-chief have found much-needed reprieves on the links

Barack Obama : Controversy
Obama impersonator Reggie Brown was yanked from the stage during his performance at this weekend's Republican Leadership Conference.

The GOP's 'boneheaded' Obama impersonator 'debacle'

Obama mimic Reggie Brown was pulled from the stage at the Republican Leadership Conference this weekend, after telling a series of off-color jokes

Barack Obama : Forecast
President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) hug it out during a bipartisan dinner last month: The adversaries will take their business to the golf course this month.

The Obama-Boehner 'golf summit': 4 predictions

The president and House speaker will play 18 holes later this month. Can they work out their deficit disagreements on the links? And who will shoot a lower score?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
During his trip to London this week, President Obama signs the Westminster Abbey guestbook, not realizing he's making an indelible mistake.

Obama's 'bizarre' guestbook gaffe

On a visit to Westminster Abbey Tuesday, the president wrote the date as "2008," prompting snickering speculation that he longs for the good old days

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
In a Mideast speech Thursday, President Obama promised support to Egypt and Tunisia, but critics say he should have demanded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down.

Obama's 'disappointing' Mideast speech

President Obama spells out his much-hyped vision for a new U.S. approach to the Middle East in a post-bin Laden world — but was it a letdown?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Just days after President Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden, dollmaker Herobuilders is releasing an action figure of the commander in chief as a modern-day Rambo.

The 'super-bad' Obama SEAL action figure

A Connecticut toymaker markets "Rambama": A plastic, muscle-bound Obama dressed in a "Punisher" T-shirt and carrying a rifle

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Anjem Choudary leads a protest against the killing of Osama bin Laden outside the U.S. embassy in London. Obama is expected to give a pro-democracy speech to the Muslim world next week.

Can Obama mend ties with the Muslim world?

The president is planning a major speech using bin Laden's death and the Arab Spring as evidence that al Qaeda's time is over

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
In an interview broadcast Sunday, President Obama compared the anxiety-provoking Osama bin Laden raid with the time his daughter Sasha contracted meningitis as an infant.

The 'longest 40 minutes' of Obama's life

In a 60 Minutes interview, the president describes the emotional experience of watching the daring raid that resulted in Osama bin Laden's death

Barack Obama : The List
President Obama made no big public speeches during his visit to the World Trade Center site on Thursday, choosing instead to meet with 9/11 victims' families in a quiet ceremony.

Obama's Ground Zero visit: 5 takeaways

Four days after the bin Laden killing, the president won praise Thursday for a low-key wreath-laying ceremony at the World Trade Center site — but not everyone was supportive

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama's approval ratings had been mired well below 50 percent, but after Sunday's historic announcement about the death of Osama bin Laden, his numbers shot upward.

Obama's big approval bump: Will it last?

In the first major poll conducted after bin Laden's death, the president's approval rating jumped 9 points, to 56 percent

Barack Obama : Best Column
Obama is viewed as "the other," just as Mitt Romney, a Mormon, would have been just a few decades ago, says Timothy Egan at The New York Times.

Why some Americans still see Obama as foreign

Our country has long been slow to accept any public figure who seems too 'exotic,' says Timothy Egan at The New York Times

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Many of President Obama's policy positions resemble the moderate GOP platform from the early '90s, says Ezra Klein at The Washington Post.

Is the president really a 'moderate Republican'?

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein says he is, at least when it comes to health care reform, cap and trade, and taxes. Really?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama shrugs off his jacket Wednesday at a Facebook town hall: The president's informal alliance with the social networking site may be a risky move, say commentators.

Is Obama too friendly with Facebook?

The president palled around with Mark Zuckerberg at the social-networking giant's California headquarters on Wednesday

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