Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
President Obama's approval ratings are down again, with a majority of Americans unhappy with the president's handling of the economy.

Did Obama's big deficit speech backfire?

The president's approval rating hits a near-record low, and Americans are particularly displeased with his handling of the economy. Is his much-hyped budget speech to blame?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
After a combative seven-minute interview with a Dallas newsman, President Obama tells his interviewer to "let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, alright?"

Obama's 'churlish' local TV interview

A Texas reporter's combative style rankles the usually unflappable president

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Orange County Republican central committee, sent around this doctored image, later explaining that she simply thought it was funny.

The 'racist hate-email' depicting Obama as a chimpanzee

A local GOP official and Tea Partier in Orange County, Calif., is under fire for sending around a 'heinous' email

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
A new poll reveals that little more than half of Americans think of the president as a "strong and decisive leader."

Obama's 'all-time low' approval rating

Two new polls suggest the president is more unpopular than he's ever been. Is America's controversial Libya intervention to blame?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama gets a warm reception at a Wisconsin high school last September: This year, the White House can't seem to drum up much interest among high schools.

Are high schools snubbing Obama?

After only 68 schools enter a contest to secure the president as their senior classes' commencement speaker, the White House extends the competition's deadline

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
According to some accounts, Rep. Paul Brown (R-Ga.) laughed off a Town Hall attendee's question about assassinating the president.

The 'Who's going to shoot Obama?' incident: Rep. Broun's controversial response

Some say the Republican congressman should have condemned a supporter who questioned him about assassinating the president

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
During a 15-minute interview, Bill O'Reilly interrupted the president more than three times per minute on average.

Bill O'Reilly's 48 presidential interruptions

A new video highlights every moment that the Fox News personality interrupted Obama in their pre-Super Bowl sitdown — all four dozen times

Barack Obama : Best Column
Reporters and Independents are hot on the "Obama-gets-his-groove-back-narrative," say writers at Politico.

How Obama manipulates the press

The turnaround in the president's fortunes is partly due to his skill in playing the Washington press like a fiddle, say John Harris and Jim VandeHei at Politico

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
In a pre-game interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, President Obama joked that the worst part of being president was working on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bill O'Reilly vs. Obama: Who won?

The president sat down with the Fox News star for a head-to-head before yesterday's Super Bowl. Did either man end up looking like a "pinhead"?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
"The presidency has a funny way of making a person feel the need to pray," said Obama Thursday.

Obama's 'deeply personal' prayer breakfast speech: 3 theories

The president spoke about his own faith and journey to God at Thursday morning's National Prayer Breakfast. What was behind this surprisingly emotional move?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Voters and even some Republicans are warming up to the president; here Obama shares a laugh with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

Why is Obama getting more popular?

Since the "shellacking" Democrats suffered in November, the president has been surging in polls. Here are five theories on what's driving his apparent comeback

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
At Archie's fictional Riverdale High, even Barack Obama and Sarah Palin enjoy post-partisan harmony.

Obama and Palin: The Archie Comics summit

The classic comic has achieved the seemingly impossible — uniting the president and the conservative queen — albeit in two-dimensional form

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Is Obama back in fighting shape? The 44th president is enjoying as much as an eight point bump from his December approval ratings.

Is it too soon to call Obama the 'comeback kid'?

President Obama has seen a steady uptick in the polls since the election. Why are things turning around for the beleaguered commander-in-chief?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama's memorial speech was lauded by some of his harshest critics, including Fox News host Glenn Beck.

Obama's Tucson speech: A presidential turning point?

President Obama's words honoring the Arizona shooting victims met with nearly universal approval. Will that help restore his power to lead?

Barack Obama : The List
The mystery author has set "O: A Presidential Novel" during the "presidential election of 2012" and mixes fact with fiction.

Who wrote 'O', the anonymous novel about Obama? 6 theories

Penned by a mystery author, a "Primary Colors"-style novel about the future of the Obama administration will soon hit shelves. Who's behind it?

Barack Obama : Petty Controversy
In this July, 2010 photo, Obama appears to have ignored seat-belt safety guidelines.

Petty controversy: Does Obama wear a seat belt?

Though D.C. law requires all passengers to buckle up, photos suggest the president doesn't bother. Is the ultimate role model setting a bad example?

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