Barack Obama : Best Column
Obama may now face a Republican House majority but the GOP is "not the enemy," says N. Gregory Mankiw in The New York Times.

How Obama should deal with the GOP

If the president wants to get anything done as the Right assumes more power in Washington, says N. Gregory Mankiw in The New York Times, he'll have to start thinking like a Republican

Barack Obama : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Will 2011 treat Obama well?

Obama's happy New Year?

What does President Obama's successful lame-duck session, and the preceding midterm "shellacking," tell us about 2011?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama signs legislation to repeal the 'don't ask, don't tell' law against gays serving openly in the military.

Do Obama's lame-duck wins signal a new bipartisan era?

The president and Republicans worked together in the closing days of the 111th Congress. But will the good feelings last into 2011?

Barack Obama : The List
Nancy Pelosi signs legislation repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Tuesday.

The most successful lame-duck Congress ever? 6 theories

How did Obama, Harry Reid, and the Democrats manage to score so many victories between the election and Christmas?

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama says adieu to Republican Whip Eric Cantor at the close of the bipartisan Congressional meeting where party leaders agreed to have more meetings.

Was Obama's GOP summit a success?

The highly anticipated "Slurpee Summit" is over. Did the president and his Republican rivals achieve anything beyond vague promises to work together on tax cuts?

Barack Obama : Instant Guide
Obama is the first president to suffer an injury on the basketball court.

Obama's split lip and 5 other presidential injuries

Minor ailments are practically a requirement for the modern president. Here are a few notable examples from recent years

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Newly elected freshman members of the upcoming 112th Congress: Should they be seated earlier?

Should Congress scrap lame-duck sessions?

Critics say ousted incumbents have no business passing laws on behalf of voters who threw them out. Is it time to rethink the lame-duck tradition?

Barack Obama : Best Column
In order to escape the post-election "political island," Obama should reach out to Republican leaders, moderate Democrats and the business community.

Wanted: A bridge-builder for Obama

The president needs help connecting with Republicans, moderate Democrats, and business leaders, says Gerald F. Seib at The Wall Street Journal

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama is all smiles as he enters National Museum of Korea in Seoul for G20 summit kick-off dinner.

Obama's Asia trip: What did he accomplish?

Commentators weigh in on the president's historical 10-day sojourn to the world's most populous continent

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
"The party in power was held responsible for an economy that is still under-performing," said Obama in response to the Republican election sweep.

Obama on '60 Minutes': Did he accept enough blame?

In his first post-election interview, President Obama admitted some mistakes — but failed to impress either the Left or the Right

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Mumbai schoolchildren encourage Obama to hit the dance floor during a Diwali celebration over the weekend.

Obama's 'graceless' Indian dance

The president took to the dancefloor with a crowd of Mumbai schoolchildren on Sunday. Critics urge him to hang up his dancing shoes

Barack Obama : Fact Sheet
A Bangalore artist holds one of his Obama-in-a-bottle creations as India prepares for the President's four-day visit.

Obama's India visit: 4 weird facts

Obama's much-scrutinized trip to South Asia has inspired some outlandish rumors — but these four details are both strange and true

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama revealed to Ryan Seacrest that Sasha dressed as a turkey on Halloween, while Malia was a Sour Patch Kid.

Obama's Ryan Seacrest interview

In a bid to get young voters to the polls, the president dished with the host of "American Idol"

Barack Obama : Opinion Brief
Obama is the first sitting president to appear on the 'The Daily Show.'

Obama on 'The Daily Show': First reactions

The president sparred with Comedy Central host Jon Stewart last night. Who won?

Barack Obama : Forecast
Obama is more still popular than Ronald Reagan was at the same point in his presidency, according to a National Journal poll.

Obama's post-election gameplan: 5 suggestions

With Democrats expected to suffer severe midterm losses, pundits have plenty of advice for the president

Barack Obama : Best Column
Obama took office during the most serious economic crisis since the "one that lifted Roosevelt to power," says Hendrick Hertzberg in 'The New Yorker.'

How the Great Recession both helped and hurt Obama

Obama was lucky that the financial crisis hit right before the 2008 election, says Hendrik Hertzberg in The New Yorker. When the GOP wins the House, it will be because his luck ran out

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