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Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell walked out of her interview with Piers Morgan after being pressed for her opinions on masturbation and gay marriage.

Christine O'Donnell vs. Piers Morgan: Who won?

The Tea Party star storms off the interviewer's set after persistent questions about gay marriage drive her over the edge

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Christine O'Donnell is crowd-sourcing her Facebook fans for advice on  whether or not to compete on "Dancing with the Stars."

Should Christine O'Donnell perform on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

The failed GOP Senate candidate says she's been invited to compete on the celebrity-driven TV talent show. Bad idea?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Christine O'Donnell is being accused of using campaign funds for rent, meals, and other personal expenses.

Christine O'Donnell finance investigation: 'Politically motivated'?

The feds are reportedly looking into the Tea Partier's campaign spending. Is somebody out to get the failed Senate candidate?

Christine O'Donnell : Timeline
Christine O'Donnell's 24-minute infomercial 'We The People' ran on a local Delaware station three times the night before election day.

Christine O'Donnell's infomercial 'disaster'

O'Donnell made a last-minute ad buy for a 30-minute campaign infomercial. Why didn't it air at the scheduled time?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
In less than one full day, the website Gawker received more than 600,000 pageviews on its Christine O'Donnell "one-night stand" post.

Will Gawker's tell-all smear help Christine O'Donnell?

Pundits have condemned the gossip website Gawker for running a first-person account of a "one-night stand" with O'Donnell. Can she profit from the outrage?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Meghan McCain calls Christine O'Donnell's candidacy a "mockery" of public office.

GOP civil war: Meghan McCain vs. Christine O'Donnell

John McCain's daughter says the Delaware GOP Senate hopeful is widely "seen as a nutjob." Is this helping the Republican cause?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Chris Coons becomes the villainous, tax-crazed Senate candidate in Christine O'Donnell's new campaign ad.

Christine O'Donnell's 'scary' new campaign ad

The Republican Senate candidate from Delaware paints her rival as a tax-hungry villain in her latest spot. Will it work?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Saturday Night Live spoofed Christine O'Donnell's most recent ad, in which she proclaims that she is not a witch.

'SNL' takes aim at O'Donnell's 'witch' ad: The reaction

Though Christine O'Donnell has clarified that she's not a witch, a "Saturday Night Live" spoof casts sardonic doubt on her denial

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Christine O'Donnell's first campaign ad gets right to the point: She's no witch.

Christine O'Donnell: 'I'm not a witch'

In her first campaign ad of the season, the Tea Party upstart assures you — yes, you — that there will be no pagan play on Capitol Hill

Christine O'Donnell : Best Column
Christine O'Donnell: The GOP's "useful idiot"?

Christine O'Donnell: The 'Balloon Boy' of American politics

Democrats love lampooning the Tea Party-backed Republican Senate candidate, says Frank Rich in The New York Times, but the GOP establishment could get the last laugh

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Mike Castle is not willing to let the Christine O'Donnell upset go without a fight.

Castle vs. O'Donnell: The sequel?

The GOP foes may face off again if Mike Castle decides to run as a write-in candidate this November

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Christine O'Donnell will just say no to the national media, thank you.

Christine O'Donnell: Can a 'media goddess' shun the media?

The GOP Senate candidate says the national press just wants to attack her — and that she'll only speak to local, Delaware reporters. Too late?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin's power-suit style appears to be contagious.

Is Christine O'Donnell a Palin 'mini-me?'

O'Donnell may be the Tea Party's latest star, but her fashion sense is reminiscent of the movement's original guiding light. Is the "new It Girl" ripping off Sarah Palin's look?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Still bewitching to conservative Christian voters?

Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft confession

It turns out the GOP's conservative Senate nominee in Delaware "dabbled in witchcraft" years ago. Will her "church-going" supporters care?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
O'Donnell's win has sparked GOP infighting and a barrage of masturbation jokes

Christine O'Donnell's 'shocking' victory: The fallout

O'Donnell's win in Delaware is shaking the Republican Party nationwide — and spawning lots of awkward masturbation jokes. What else?

Christine O'Donnell : Opinion Brief
Some say O'Donnell's victory makes way for a clear Democratic victory in Delaware come November.

O'Donnell's win: How bad is this 'GOP nightmare'?

In Delaware, the "East Coast Sarah Palin" was able to vanquish veteran moderate Republican Mike Castle and the GOP. Now what?

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