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The Obama Administration : Analysis
Kerry emerges after a unanimous vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approving him to become the next secretary of state.

Can John Kerry top Hillary Clinton as secretary of state?

Kerry sailed through his Senate confirmation. Now he faces the world — and the ghost of his rock star predecessor

The Obama Administration : Politics
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a "Global Townterview" event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 29.

Hillary Clinton's 9 most memorable moments as secretary of state

As Clinton prepares to step down, a look back at her tenure as America's top diplomat

The Obama Administration : The List
President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak with 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft.

Obama and Hillary Clinton's 60 Minutes' interview: 5 takeaways

The president and his outgoing secretary of state sit down with CBS's Steve Kroft for a rare joint interview

The Obama Administration : In-depth briefing
"I told myself, 'If I ever get out of this and I'm ever in a position to influence policy, I will do everything I can to avoid needless, senseless war.'"

Chuck Hagel: Shaped by Vietnam

Obama's choice for defense secretary is a decorated veteran with a deep suspicion of war

The Obama Administration : The List
Hillary Clinton will leave her job at the State Department with sky-high approval ratings, despite repeated GOP critiques over Benghazi.

Why Benghazi didn't bring down Hillary Clinton

Republicans accuse her of negligence and worse in connection with the deadly attack in Libya. 4 theories on why the critiques just won't stick

The Obama Administration : Best Video
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

WATCH: Hillary Clinton lights up Republican senator at Benghazi hearing

The secretary of state gives Ron Johnson of Wisconsin the hair-dryer treatment

The Obama Administration : Best Video
President Obama arrives at the ceremonial swearing in at the Capitol on Jan. 21.

WATCH LIVE: Obama's inauguration

Tune in as the president is ceremonially sworn in for a second term

The Obama Administration : By the numbers
President Obama approaches the podium for his first prime time news conference on Nov. 9, 2009.

Obama's tumultuous first term: By the numbers

Democrats and Republicans vehemently disagree over just about everything concerning President Obama. These figures might explain why

The Obama Administration : Wit
Oh, Joe.

The 6 best Onion parodies of Joe Biden

The gaffe-prone veep has long been the butt of The Onion's jokes. Here's a look at some of the satirical newspaper's best work

The Obama Administration : The List
President Obama waves after his inaugural address in 2009.

Obama's second inaugural speech: 6 things he should say

The second inaugural is rarely memorable, but President Obama can defy history on Jan. 21, and maybe even change it

The Obama Administration : Analysis
In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt tapped Republican Frank Knox as his secretary of the navy.

Why Democratic presidents keep choosing Republicans as their defense chiefs

This is no quirk. Democrats have long been vulnerable on military matters

The Obama Administration : Wit
President Obama and Vice President Biden are not at all cracking wise about Jack Lew's ridiculous signature, but it'd be funny if they were.

The best jokes about Jack Lew's 'Lew-py' signature

The illegible handwriting of President Obama's pick for his next Treasury secretary has become an instant punchline

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Believe it or not, that says "Jack Lew."

What Jack Lew's loopy signature says about Obama's pick for Treasury secretary

Is he warm and cuddly? Calculatingly secretive? Enter the graphologists...

The Obama Administration : The List
Lew, serving as Office of Management and Budget director in 2011, speaks during a news briefing.

5 things Republicans hate about Jack Lew

President Obama's nominee for Treasury secretary used to be well-regarded on the Right. Not anymore

The Obama Administration : The List
President Obama and First Lady Michelle dance during an inaugural ball in 2009. This year, there'll be fewer dances like these.

Obama's second inauguration: 6 mini-scandals and surprising facts

From a bubbling fight over inaugural Champagne to anti-gay pastors, the upcoming, low-key inauguration isn't exactly low-drama

The Obama Administration : Best Video
When Chuck Hagel won his 1996 Nebraska Senate race, he is the first Republican to do so in 24 years

WATCH: Everything you need to know about Chuck Hagel — in 81 seconds

Get to know President Obama's nominee to head the Pentagon

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