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"I think the Pentagon needs to be pared down," Hagel, the nominee to head the Pentagon, once said.

7 controversial Chuck Hagel quotes and votes

The Nebraska Republican's blunt assessments are the reason President Obama tapped him for defense secretary — and the reason he may not get the job

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Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The ghost of Hagel's future

Republicans are pillorying the past of Obama's nominee for defense secretary. His future may be even worse

The Obama Administration : Instant Guide
President Obama may have great trust in former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), but Republicans sure don't.

The looming confirmation fight over Chuck Hagel: A guide

President Obama is reportedly nominating the Nebraska Republican to lead the Defense Department. And the GOP is up in arms

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Vice President Joe Biden swooped in and negotiated an 11th-hour deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Joe Biden: Affable gaffer or political powerhouse?

The VP succeeded where his boss failed, striking a fiscal cliff deal with the GOP

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Christmas at the White House: A visual history

Christmas at the White House: A visual history [Updated]

From the Roosevelts to the Obamas, a look back at how First Families have decked their famous halls

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Conservative critics say former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) isn't a strong enough supporter of Israel.

Chuck Hagel: Have Republicans preemptively sunk another Obama nominee?

Susan Rice bailed on her secretary of state bid after GOP hectoring. Now Obama's reported pick for defense is on the ropes, too

The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: What Obama's cabinet choices say about his second-term foreign policy

Expect a less militarized approach to America's dealings with the rest of the world

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Hillary Clinton won't testify as scheduled at congressional Benghazi hearings due to a concussion.

The Benghazi report: Big trouble for Hillary Clinton?

An independent inquiry faults missteps by the State Department in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens

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Beltway insiders predict that Sen. John Kerry's confirmation hearing would be a far more cordial affair than Susan Rice's might have been.

Secretary of State: The case for and against John Kerry

With Susan Rice out as a possible replacement for Hillary Clinton, Kerry becomes the instant frontrunner

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
President Obama regrettably supported Susan Rice's decision to drop her bid to become secretary of state.

Should Obama have fought harder for Susan Rice?

The U.N. ambassador bowed out of contention to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Could a White House campaign have saved her?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel in Amman, Jordan, in 2008. The pair, along with Democrat Jack Reed, traveled together on a tour of the Middle East and Europe.

Chuck Hagel: Would it be a mistake for Obama to name another GOP defense secretary?

The centrist former Republican senator from Nebraska is reportedly the frontrunner to replace Leon Panetta

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Susan Rice on trying to become secretary of state: "I am now convinced that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive, and costly."

Why Susan Rice dropped her bid to become secretary of state

One of the president's closest advisors backs down in the face of what many have described as a GOP witch hunt

The Obama Administration : Analysis
Pot advocates to Obama: "Don't pick on the sick!"

Is President Obama going to war against legalized pot?

The leader of the now-immortal Choom Gang is reportedly on the verge of becoming the buzz-killer-in-chief

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A presidential tweet: "Gotta go. Thx. Keep pressure on Congress. Call, email, tweet your Member & tell them what 2k means to you. Lets get it done. #my2k -bo"

WATCH: Video of President Obama answering fiscal cliff questions on Twitter

"There we go! My tweet has been posted. That's what I'm talking about!"

The Obama Administration : The List
Building a Death Star? Price tag: $850,000,000,000,000,000.

11 ridiculous White House petitions

On the wish lists of Americans: A fully operational Death Star, a nationalized Twinkie industry, and motorcycle-riding "judges" who also act as jury and executioner

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
The frequently shaded Vogue boss was one of President Obama's biggest campaign bundlers.

Would Vogue's Anna Wintour make a good ambassador?

The fashion-industry superstar raised a fortune for Obama's campaign. Now she might get a plum job in London or Paris

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