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On Jan. 25, 2011, the special agent in charge of ATF Phoenix speaks, foregrounded by a cache of seized weapons related to Operation Fast and Furious.

Operation Fast and Furious: A guide to the botched gun-trafficking sting

How did a flubbed federal law enforcement operation named after a cheesy movie become a high-stakes Washington showdown? Read on

The Obama Administration : Forecast
The (unlikely) worst-case scenario for Attorney General Eric Holder would see the House going for a criminal contempt charge, which could lead to a $1,000 penalty and up to one year in prison.

The Eric Holder contempt vote: What's next?

A House committee wants the attorney general to face charges for withholding documents concerning a gun-smuggling scheme, but that's hardly the end of the story

The Obama Administration : Burning Question
Attorney General Eric Holder talks to reporters after meeting with House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa on June 19: Holder himself has said Republicans may be targeting him in part because of his race.

The GOP's crackdown on Eric Holder: Racist?

The GOP says it's targeting our first black attorney general solely to get to the bottom of the botched Fast and Furious gun sting. Others aren't so sure

The Obama Administration : Controversy
Thanks to President Obama's invocation of executive privilege, some of Attorney General Eric Holder's Fast and Furious documents will never be made public.

The 'Fast and Furious' scandal: Is Obama trying to cover it up?

The president invokes executive privilege to block the release of confidential documents, and Republicans accuse him of whitewashing an ignominious operation

The Obama Administration : Instant Guide
Attorney General Eric Holder says he has turned over every document relating to a congressional gun-smuggling investigation, but Republicans insist he's still hiding something.

Congress vs. Eric Holder: Will the attorney general be held in contempt?

Republicans accuse Holder of refusing to cooperate with their probe of the "gun-walking" scandal that put weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels

The Obama Administration : Fact Sheet
Commerce Secretary John Bryson was found unconscious behind his steering wheel after hitting two cars.

Commerce Secretary John Bryson's alleged hit-and-run: A guide

The Obama cabinet member, under investigation for two weekend crashes in California, is blaming his poor driving on an ill-timed seizure

The Obama Administration : Analysis
President Obama arrives at Los Angeles international Airport via Marine 1 on May 11: National Security spokesman Tommy Vietor says of Obama's alleged leaks of secret military operations: "We push to be as transparent as we can while being mindful of our national security equities."

4 reasons Obama became a hawk

How did President Obama go from winning the Nobel Peace Prize to being the final arbiter of a terrorist "kill list"?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
President Obama stands in front of construction workers in 2009 while discussing the jobs that his $140 billion stimulus plan created.

The 'Obama spending binge': Fact or fiction?

A contrarian analysis argues that President Obama is a model of fiscal restraint, not the spendthrift Republicans claim

The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: The real dangers of the Secret Service prostitution scandal

The salacious controversy revealed U.S. agents' startling weakness, and let America's enemies in on key information that could be used against us

The Obama Administration : Burning Question
Vice President Biden's knack for going off-message may have reached a crisis point, some pundits say.

Time for Obama to dump Joe Biden?

Biden put the president in a tough spot, again, by endorsing gay marriage. Would Obama be better off with a less gaffe-prone VP?

The Obama Administration : Wisecracks
Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents Association Dinner held at the Washington Hilton: The president was the butt of some of comedian Jimmy Kimmel's jokes about eating dog, having big ears, and his presidency.

Highlights from the White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Obama and Jimmy Kimmel had dueling comedy routines at this weekend's gala for journalists, politicos, and A-list celebrities. Here's their best material

The Obama Administration : Instant Guide
A member of the Secret Service stands watch while President Obama speaks at the University of Colorado at Boulder Tuesday.

Another Secret Service sex scandal?

According to new reports, Secret Service agents got drunk at a strip club and hired escorts while on assignment in El Salvador in March 2011. Sound familiar?

The Obama Administration : Analysis
President Obama walks with Secret Service in Florida: New details about the prostitution scandal reveal that some agents' (not pictured) debauched night culminated in the trashing of a hotel room.

10 telling details about the Secret Service scandal

As major players in the headline-making prostitution controversy are identified and a clearer picture emerges, here's a look at the most scandalous tidbits

The Obama Administration : Forecast
A uniformed Secret Service agent maintains his post as President Obama departs the White House: With more details emerging, it's clear the Colombia prostitution scandal will be around for a while.

5 reasons the Secret Service prostitution scandal won't go away

The elite security agency is moving to quash the controversy by forcing out three accused agents. But the story is unlikely to end there

The Obama Administration : Fact Sheet
President Obama's reputation for a clean administration is being tainted by a string of scandals involving everything from the State Department to the Secret Service.

5 scandals that could undo Obama's re-election bid

For the most part, the Obama administration has successfully avoided bad publicity, but it's now being faced with a string of scandals at the worst possible time

The Obama Administration : Controversy
President Obama is guarded by agents as he greets supporters in Florida: Some senators worry that Secret Service agents' recent cavorting with prostitutes in Colombia brings Obama's security into doubt.

4 ways the Secret Service prostitution scandal hurts Obama

Lurid new details emerge of a wild night in Colombia, plunging the White House deeper into an embarrassing controversy

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