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The Obama Administration : Forecast
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promises to leave at the end of President Obama's term, and Sen. John Kerry and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice are among the top candidates to replace her.

Replacing Hillary Clinton: 5 top Secretary of State candidates

The former first lady insists she's stepping down next year, no matter who wins in November. Who should succeed her as America's most prominent diplomat?

The Obama Administration : The List
President Obama with the presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan: With the 2012 election looming, Obama is feeling pressure to brings U.S. troops home from the increasingly unpopular Afghan war.

4 ways the 2012 election is shaping Obama's foreign policy

In the president's every delicate negotiation, the fate of global security hangs in the balance. But don't forget the elephant in the room: Domestic politics

The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: How to open up the Obama administration

In some ways, this White House is the most transparent ever. But it's also prosecuting secret-spillers at a record rate

The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Obama and the case of the missing watchdogs

Confoundingly, the president has failed for years to find capable inspectors general to bust government waste, fraud, and misconduct. Why?

The Obama Administration : The List
President Obama signs the economic stimulus bill in 2009: Newly unearthed memos show that Obama's economic team thought the president could always ask Congress for more stimulus funds if the $787 billion proved insufficient.

The New Yorker's dissection of the 'Obama memos': 5 takeaways

Reporter Ryan Lizza is out with a "monster" 11,000-word investigation into hundreds of pages of secret White House memos. A look at the highlights

The Obama Administration : Slideshow

The Obama White House's revolving door: A visual timeline 

William Daley is just the latest departure. From Rahmbo to Gibbs, a look back at key staffers who put 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in their rearview mirrors

The Obama Administration : Burning Question
President Obama announces William Daley's resignation Monday: Jack Lew will replace Daley, becoming the president's fourth staff chief in three years.

William Daley's resignation: Will it help Obama?

The president loses another chief of staff. Is this a sign Team Obama is falling apart — or coming together?

The Obama Administration : Controversy
The White House insists that New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor's "explosive" new book, "The Obamas," is merely an "over-dramatization of old news."

Jodi Kantor's 'explosive' Obama book: 4 talking points

The New York Times' reporter dishes on Robert Gibbs' tirades, Rahm Emanuel's offer to resign, and more. Here are the highlights

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
President Obama's appointment of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without the Senate's consent is an unconstitutional overreach, critics say.

Obama's recess appointments: Unconstitutional?

Republicans charge that the president broke the law by making appointments while Congress was on vacation. But just who's bending the rules here?

The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: It's time for Eric Holder to resign

President Obama's attorney general still fails to own up to DOJ's botched Fast and Furious operation — a failure that has cost at least 300 lives

The Obama Administration : Analysis
President Obama tours a Solyndra facility last year: The solar-panel maker went bankrupt earlier this year, after receiving a $535 million loan from the feds.

The latest Solyndra 'bombshell': A 'real scandal'?

Email evidence suggests the Energy Department fought to delay bad news about its green-jobs poster child until after the 2010 midterms

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Jimmy Kimmel will host the annual White House Correspondents' dinner next spring: Will he go for political jabs or stick to his genial "everyman" persona?

Jimmy Kimmel as White House Correspondents' Dinner host: The right choice?

The late-night talk-show fixture will be the next comedian to roast President Obama at the glitzy (and tricky) annual event

The Obama Administration : Audio
When Vice President Joe Biden essentially told a radio station that President Obama is responsible for the bad economy, Republicans naturally seized on his comments.

Is the lousy economy Obama's fault? Ask Joe Biden...

The vice president says it's fair to make the 2012 presidential election a referendum on the economy. Did he just undercut his own ticket?

The Obama Administration : Controversy
Among other charges, Ron Suskind's new White House expose, "Confidence Men," claims the Obama administration has been hostile to women.

Ron Suskind's 'gossipy' expose on White House 'dysfunction': 3 talking points

Obama aides aggressively try to discredit a journalist's unflattering portrait of the inner workings of the president's economic team

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
It's time for President Obama to fire many of his advisers and start fresh, argues longtime Democratic strategist James Carville.

Time for Obama to 'panic' and 'fire a lot of people'?

James Carville argues that Obama needs to clean house, indict bankers, and panic — lest we wind up with "a crazy person running our nation"

The Obama Administration : Fact Sheet
Republicans are accusing President Obama's administration of giving special treatment to solar-panel maker Solyndra, which won a $535 million federal loan guarantee before going bankrupt late last month.

The Solyndra scandal: A guide to the new revelations

Republicans pounce on Obama administration emails that suggest political interference in an ill-fated federal loan to a green-tech firm

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