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The Obama Administration : Burning Question
Bill Maher renewed speculation about a Hillary Clinton presidency by asking a TV panel Friday whether the Left has "buyers' remorse" over Barack Obama.

Would Hillary Clinton have been a better president than Obama?

After the president's much-maligned handling of the debt-ceiling crisis, a nagging question resurfaces

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
President Obama has reportedly rewarded big-time donors with "key administration posts," not to mention access to White House events and meetings.

Plum jobs for Obama donors: Political 'payoffs'?

A watchdog group says the administration has rewarded big donors with coveted posts and other perks. Did Obama break his promise to clean up D.C.?

The Obama Administration : Best Column
President Obama's scandal-free record can't last much longer, at least statistically speaking, says political scientist Brendan Nyhan at Sabato's Crystal Ball.

Barack Obama: The least scandalous president in modern history?

Despite GOP hostility, the Obama administration has skirted any serious accusations of wrongdoing, says Brendan Nyhan at Sabato's Crystal Ball. How?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
The rapper Common performs at an Obama rally in Cleveland on Halloween in 2010: The White House's invitation to Common to perform whipped conservative critics into a frenzy this week.

The 'fake outrage' over rapper Common's White House performance

The rapper performed at a White House poetry event Wednesday night — after a days-long spat over his more provocative lyrics

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attributes her emotional look (captured as she watched the Osama bin Laden mission Sunday) to springtime allergies.

Hillary Clinton in the Situation Room: Overcome by emotion or just allergic?

A photo of Obama's staff taken during the bin Laden raid suggests the Secretary of State was deeply moved, but now she says she was merely coughing

The Obama Administration : The List
Osama bin Laden, pictured here in 1998.

4 bin Laden details the Obama administration got wrong

Officials have revised some key details in the narrative of Osama bin Laden's death

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Gen. David Petraeus, the celebrated architect of the surge strategy in Iraq, will reportedly be named President Obama's next CIA chief.

Gen. David Petraeus: An 'awful' choice for CIA director?

President Obama reportedly plans to nominate Petraeus to replace CIA chief Leon Panetta, who will become the next secretary of defense

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Vice President Joe Biden looking overly restful during Obama's speech Wednesday on the national deficit.

Did Joe Biden nap during Obama's deficit speech?

If the vice president wasn't actually asleep, he certainly seemed to be very "deep in thought"

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Vice President Joe Biden apologized via a spokesperson to reporter Scott Powers, who had to wait for an hour in a storage closet at a Florida fundraiser before being let out to hear the vice president speak.

The Biden staffer who locked a reporter in the closet

Was it all an honest mistake, or is the tough treatment endured by a pool reporter at a Florida fundraiser evidence of a larger problem?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Despite her declarations, certain pundits believe that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may still vie for the presidency in 2016... at age 69.

Will Secretary of State really be Hillary Clinton's last political job?

The former First Lady says she won't serve a second term in Obama's cabinet, or run for president herself. Is she really leaving the Beltway behind?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley resigned over the weekend after saying that the conditions under which WikiLeaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning is imprisoned were "counterproductive."

Is Obama embracing torture?

A State Department spokesman is out of a job after publicly criticizing the military's treatment of alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning. Obama maintains that Manning's treatment is "appropriate"

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Obama may be getting around his transparency commitment, suggests Politico, by sending staffers off the White House grounds to meet with lobbyists.

Obama's 'secret' lobbyist meetings

To keep lobbyists' names off the official White House visitor logs, aides have been chatting them up across the street. Does this violate Obama's transparency pledge?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
New White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, a former TIME journalist, has done plenty of sparring with past press secretaries.

Obama's new press secretary: How did Jay Carney do?

The new White House spokesman survived his first grilling from the press — but does Carney have what it takes to fill Robert Gibbs' shoes?

The Obama Administration : Instant Guide
Newly appointed press secretary Jay Carney quit his 20-year-run at Time magazine to become Joe Biden's spokesperson in 2008.

Obama's new press secretary: Who is Jay Carney?

Journalist and vice-presidential spokesman Carney will replace Robert Gibbs as the president's press secretary. What else do we know about him?

The Obama Administration : Best Column
By choosing William Daley for chief of staff, Obama swapped one "Chicago-born Washington insider" for another, but Daley is more centrist than his predecessor.

The real reason Obama is changing his administration

The president's latest appointments might look like business as usual, says Doyle McManus in the Los Angeles Times, but they indicate a new mission for the White House

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
For the average American worker, Robert Gibbs' six-figure salary may not seem so "modest."

Robert Gibbs' 'modest' $172,000 salary

Was President Obama merely being honest by suggesting his outgoing press secretary gave up a lot to serve in government? Or was he being "tone deaf" in a time of economic suffering?

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