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The Obama Administration : The Bullpen
Francis Wilkinson

Francis Wilkinson: The King's Speech

In this edition of The Week's Editor's Letter, Francis Wilkinson details why oratory matters

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Robert Gibbs' departure will bring about "both challenges and opportunities for the White House," Obama told The New York Times.

Robert Gibbs' exit: 'Good riddance'?

The media found Obama's trusted, long-time press secretary "annoying" and "arrogant." But how will the White House fare without Gibbs?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
The next chief of staff? William Daley - brother of outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley - has been critical of the Obama administration.

Obama's (rumored) chief-of-staff pick: Pundits weigh in

The president might pick centrist Democrat and bank executive William Daley — a man who opposed two key Obama policies — to run the White House. What to think?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Seth Meyers got out from behind the "SNL: Weekend Update" desk last July to emcee the ESPY Awards on ESPN.

White House Correspondents' Dinner: Is Seth Meyers the right host?

The "Saturday Night Live" comic has been tapped for one of the toughest and most scrutinized gigs in show business. Is he up to the task?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
With the economy still a main concern, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner could be on the chopping block if Obama chooses to switch up his staff.

Should Obama shake up his staff?

Looking to bounce back after a disastrous election, key Democrats say the president needs to make some changes fast

The Obama Administration : By the numbers
Michelle Obama and local D.C. fifth graders harvest the White House's vegetable garden including sweet potatoes weighing up to four pounds.

Michelle Obama's White House vegetable garden: By the numbers

It's fall harvest time on the South Lawn. Just what has grown in the first lady's garden since she planted it last spring?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Americans have apparently forgotten that Obama's stimulus package reduced income taxes.

Why doesn't Obama get credit for cutting taxes?

Very few people are aware they received income tax cuts as part of Obama's stimulus plan. Why?

The Obama Administration : Fact Sheet
More introverted than any president since Carter?

'The education of a president': 8 takeaways

The president reflects on almost two years in the job in a wide-ranging and controversy-generating New York Times profile

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Pundits are raising the possibility that a Republican-dominated House might try to impeach Obama, even on the flimsiest grounds.

Will Republicans impeach Obama?

With the GOP hoping to take control of Congress, speculation is already rising that Republicans will try to remove the president from office. Could they succeed?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
The White House was briefly outfitted with solar power during the Carter administration.

White House solar panels: PR stunt?

Obama is bringing solar panels back to the roof of the White House. Will they last longer than Jimmy Carter's?

The Obama Administration : Fact Sheet
Rouse, seen here accepting a birthday gift from the president, is known to be low-key and reporter-shy.

Enter Pete Rouse: Who is Obama's new chief of staff?

Rahm Emanuel's replacement couldn't be more different from his predecessor, say pundits. A quick guide to the "101st Senator"

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Larry Summers will return to his tenure at Harvard University at the end of the year.

Who should replace Larry Summers?

The White House economic adviser has announced he will step down at the end of the year, prompting speculation as to who will succeed him

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
House Minority Leader John Boehner wants Obama to get rid of his economic team. Would this be the right approach?

Should Obama fire his economic team?

House Minority Leader John Boehner demanded mass firings in the West Wing. Would Obama be smart to listen?

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Some suggest Gibbs' complaints about the "professional Left" merit his resignation.

Should Robert Gibbs resign?

Some on the Left want the White House press secretary to step down after he took a swipe at President Obama's liberal critics

The Obama Administration : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama.

Is Obama being abandoned?

The president is having trouble holding onto his supporters, some say

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