Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Best Column
The high divorce rates among athletic elite prompted some to say Tiger Woods' divorce is no surprise.

Pro athletes: Doomed to divorce

The infidelity that led to Tiger Woods' divorce was extreme, says Mark Kreidler in ESPN — but, in the sports world, failed marriages are just part of the game

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Tiger's now ex-wife Elin Nordegren could receive anywhere from $100 million to $500 million in the divorce settlement.

Tiger Woods' divorce: Who won?

Sex scandal–plagued golfer Woods and Elin Nordegren have officially divorced. Though she'll collect a fortune, some commentators feel he benefits, too

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
ESPN's Tom Rinaldi interviews Tiger Woods.

Grading Tiger's first interview

Though the disgraced golfer restricted his Q&A with ESPN to only five minutes, commentators still found plenty to dispute 

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
What did America think of Tiger's apology?

Tiger Woods press conference: First reactions

Did Tiger Woods's long-awaited apology live up to expectations?

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Fox News analyst Brit Hume's remarks that Tiger Woods should dump Buddhism for Christianity have prompted a wave of criticism.

Should Brit Hume apologize?

The Fox News analyst has taken considerable heat after suggesting Tiger Woods should dump Buddhism and convert to Christianity

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : By the numbers
Tiger Woods stands to lose millions from cancelled endorsement deals and an allegedly imminent divorce.

Tiger scandal: How much money will it cost him?

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Has the Tiger Woods sex scandal ruined his 'post-racial' icon status?

Tiger's 'post-racial' sex scandal?

Tiger Woods seemed to have transcended race issues — but his alleged string of exclusively white mistresses is triggering debate

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : World Reactions
Around the world, people are transfixed by Tiger's tale of 'multiple transgressions.'

Tiger Woods: What the world is saying

Reactions to Tiger Woods' scandal have spanned the globe

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Instant Guide
Tabloids around the world have been obsessed with Tiger Woods and his alleged mistresses.

Tiger Woods' mistresses: A complete guide

As the Tiger Woods scandal grows ever more labyrinthine, here are the vital facts on all 11 women who've allegedly had affairs with the embattled golfer

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Can Oprah help Tiger rehab his image?

Can Oprah save Tiger?

As Tiger Woods' alleged-mistress count rises by the day, a public confession on 'Oprah' could be his best shot for redemption

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
A screenshot of the CGI reenactment.

Early opinion: CGI 'reenactment' of Tiger Woods' crash

Bloggers react to a Taiwanese-made virtual "reenactment" of what may have happened to Tiger Woods on November 27, 2009

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' sex scandal?

As Woods' alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, lawyers up, his refusal to talk to the media—or cops—about his car crash is fueling debate

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