Cable News Feuds

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Producers in the Doha, Qatar, studio of the Al Jazeera network.

Is Al Jazeera a legitimate news channel?

The network bought its way into U.S. homes, but the move may not be enough to prove to Americans that the Qatari outlet is producing news and not propaganda

Cable News Feuds : Analysis
Al Jazeera English Channel staff prepare for a broadcast in the Doha news room in Qatar in 2006.

Why Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera

The Qatar-based media giant is buying its way into 40 million U.S. households. But why is Gore cashing out to an oil emirate?

Cable News Feuds : Controversy
Piers Morgan on stage at a BritWeek 2012 event in Beverly Hills in May.

The grassroots movement to get Piers Morgan deported: Could it actually work?

More than 60,000 people have signed a petition to get the CNN commentator kicked out of the country for his outspoken views on gun control

Cable News Feuds : Analysis
Jeff Zucker's main challenge will be to give viewers reasons to tune into the middling network.

Can Jeff Zucker turn CNN around?

The former head of NBC Universal has been tapped to lead the original cable news network, which has fallen behind MSNBC and Fox News in primetime

Cable News Feuds : The List
The MSNBC team, including Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, on Election Night. Their hosting panel included just one conservative: moderate Republican Steve Schmidt.

How MSNBC is catching up to Fox News

Roger Ailes is still the king of cable news. But Phil Griffin and Co. are hot on his heels

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
A match made in hell? Loud-mouth celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain joins the buttoned-up CNN network as the host of a new weekend travel show set to debut next year.

Can celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain save CNN?

As its ratings slump, the venerable cable news outlet is recruiting the hard-drinking, outspoken Travel Channel host to diversify its offerings

Cable News Feuds : Instant Guide
This week, ABC News' Ben Sherwood (left), Univision's Cesar Conde (center), and Univision's Isaac Lee announced a new joint-venture news channel aimed at Hispanics.

Why Univision's new Hispanic cable channel is in English

The Spanish-language channel Univision is teaming up with ABC in a bid to better serve an under-represented demographic

Cable News Feuds : Burning Question
With the exception of Anderson Cooper, CNN arguably doesn't have many hosts with star power and appeal to independent-minded viewers.

Does CNN need to lean further left to win back viewers?

The original cable news network saw its ratings dip to a 10-year low in April, arguably suggesting that its down-the-middle approach is out of date

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
TV anchor Keith Olbermann is notoriously difficult to work with, leading to bitter splits with ESPN, MSNBC, and now, Current TV.

Will anyone hire Keith Olbermann?

The hot-headed anchorman splits with Current TV in typically acrimonious fashion, leaving other networks wondering if he's worth the grief

Cable News Feuds : Slideshow
America's most loved and hated news personalities: A slideshow

America's most loved and hated news personalities: A slideshow

A new poll reveals our favorite anchors — and the talking heads we would rather tune out

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
After much back-and-forth, MSNBC has fired Pat Buchanan whose recent book has been called out for being racist and homophobic.

Was MSNBC right to fire Pat Buchanan?

The cable news channel parts ways with its veteran conservative commentator after his latest book gets slammed as offensive

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Pat Buchanan: The ultra-conservative and one-time Republican presidential candidate has been notably absent from his MSNBC post.

Did MSNBC fire Pat Buchanan?

The uber-conservative and MSNBC pundit hasn't been on air since publishing his incendiary new book — and may not be back at all

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Once again, Keith Olbermann is feuding with his employer, this time slamming Current TV for its "unacceptable"  working conditions.

Is Keith Olbermann on the way out at Current TV?

The notoriously combative Countdown host feuds with yet another network, sparking speculation that he'll bow out of his $10-million-per-year contract

Cable News Feuds : Best Video
According to a new MSNBC promo, Joe Scarborough's early-morning routine involves a cigarette and whiskey, which his co-host Mika Brzezinski packs her children's lunches and exercises.

Morning Joe's 'obnoxious,' 'sexist' promo

A new ad for the MSNBC show portrays Mika Brzezinski as a multitasking scold — and her male co-hosts as carefree, drunken partiers

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
MSNBC is reportedly mulling handing over its 6 p.m. time slot to the controversial Rev. Al Sharpton.

Should MSNBC give Al Sharpton his own show?

Craving a bonafide new star, the cable news channel might put the controversial liberal activist in a high-profile time slot

Cable News Feuds : The List
Eliot Spitzer quotes Theodore Roosevelt as he signs off as host of CNN's "In The Arena," a short-lived show that seemed to struggle from day one.

Why CNN canned Eliot Spitzer: 6 theories

The scandal-stained former New York governor gets the boot, and the challenging 8 p.m. timeslot goes to Anderson Cooper

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