Cable News Feuds

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Larry King played a seminal role in launching Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid.

How will Larry King be remembered?

CNN's media legend is hosting his last show tonight, prompting critics to reflect on his once-pivotal power, his schmaltz, and his suspenders

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Jon Stewart was ill but came on to the Rachel Maddow Show for a 40-minute interview.

Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow's 'thrilling face-off'

"The Daily Show" and MSNBC hosts debated their respective places in the media — entrancing some pundits and vexing others

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Keith Olbermann says the support he received from viewers and fellow journalists during his suspension felt like a "universal hug."

The return of the 'indefatigable' Keith Olbermann

The liberal pundit returned to MSNBC and apologized to his viewers — but not to the network that suspended him

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
The seven million-per-year MSNBC host will be back on the air after a two-day, unpaid suspension.

Keith Olbermann's 'riveting' (but brief) exile

MSNBC cuts short the "Countdown" host's suspension. Who won the showdown over Olbermann's political contributions?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Keith Olbermann donated to Arizona Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva's campaign the same day the candidate appeared on his show.

Keith Olbermann's suspension: Did MSNBC overreact?

The "hypocritical" MSNBC host has been suspended indefinitely without pay for donating to three Democratic Congressional candidates. How big is this mess?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
MSNBC launches a new branding campaign spotlighting network personalities like Keith Olbermann (above).

MSNBC's new slogan: What does it even mean?

MSNBC has introduced a revamped tagline, "Lean Forward," in an effort to define itself as a progressive beacon — but some pundits are recoiling

Cable News Feuds : Fact Sheet
Rachel Maddow got a makeover before her 2005 debut on MSNBC.

The cable news wars: 7 surprising facts

New York's Gabriel Sherman files a dispatch from the front lines of MSNBC and CNN's battle to keep pace with Fox News. What did he learn?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
CNN's newest program, hosted by Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker, debuted to tepid reviews.

'Parker Spitzer': CNN's worst show yet?

The cable news network premiered a new 8 p.m. show last night hosted by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and columnist Kathleen Parker. Critics are not impressed

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Is Spitzer right for CNN?

Can Eliot Spitzer help CNN win the prime-time cable war?

Is a disgraced politician who was pushed out of office over a prostitution scandal really CNN's best choice to co-host its 8 p.m. show?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Will Piers Morgan replace Larry King?

Piers Morgan: The new Larry King?

The 'America's Got Talent' judge and 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner is rumored to have been tapped as Larry King's replacement on CNN. A good call?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Is Spitzer right for CNN?

Eliot Spitzer, CNN host?

Tired of the cable-news opinion wars, Campbell Brown is leaving CNN — and commenters are split on the disgraced former governor as a rumored replacement

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Is CNN headed for decline?

CNN's woes: The death of non-partisan news?

CNN continues to lose viewers to its opinionated cable news rivals, MSNBC and Fox News. Do CNN's dismal ratings signal the end of "objective" news?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
CNN's Larry King has suffered a precipitous ratings decline in 2010.

Time to fire Larry King?

The veteran broadcaster's ratings plummeted 43% in the past year. Some commentators are saying it's time for CNN to pink-slip The King of Talk

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Is Red State founder Erick Erickson an 'extremist'?

Has CNN hired an 'extremist'?

CNN's decision to hire Erick Erickson, a firebrand conservative blogger, is coming under fire from the liberal blogosphere. Do they have a point?

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper: Replacing Couric?

Commentators debunk rumors that CNN's silver fox will be taking over Katie Couric's anchor chair at CBS

Cable News Feuds : Opinion Brief
Fox News logo.

Fox News: Most trustworthy?

A poll finds that more people trust Fox than NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN. Is Fox more honest, or biased in a way viewers like?

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