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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney really needs a win in Florida to win the White House. But so far, things aren't looking good.

Why Ohio, Florida, and Virginia are still too close to call

Initial analysis on the returns in several key battleground states

2012 Presidential Race
Twitter image

The latest tweets about Election Night

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from around the world

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama

WATCH LIVE: PBS NewsHour's Election Night coverage

The votes are already being tallied. Get the latest news and analysis from the PBS team

2012 Presidential Race
Don't be tempted to capture this democratic moment and post it on Instagram. In roughly half the states, photography inside polling places is expressly forbidden.

How Instagramming your ballot could nullify your vote

Keen to show their civic pride, Americans are posting photos of their completed ballots on social media sites. Only problem: That's illegal in many states

2012 Presidential Race
A U.S. citizen attends an election party hosted by Democrats in Berlin, Germany on Nov. 6.

Election Day in America: The world reacts

How do commentators overseas view the choice that U.S. voters are making between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

2012 Presidential Race
Milwaukee Election Commission staffer Marcelo Guardiola sorts absentee ballots on Nov. 5 in Wisconsin. 

3 ways the presidential election could drag on past Election Day

After a seemingly endless, expensive campaign, we're about to find out whether President Obama or Mitt Romney will prevail... or are we?

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney vote at a polling station in Belmont, Mass., on Election Day: Then it was off to Pennsylvania and Ohio for last-minute rallies.

How Obama and Romney are spending Election Day: A guide

Both candidates are continuing to reach out as voters go to the polls... but they're going about it in very different ways

2012 Presidential Race
A woman exits a voting booth at Silver Bay Elementary School on Election Day in Toms River, N.J. As the day drags on, more people will be clamoring for clues to the election's outcome, but they should be wary of exit polls.

Leaked exit polls: Why you should studiously ignore them

Almost inevitably, incomplete or even fake exit polls will make their way to Twitter or blogs before the voting's done. Don't be fooled...

2012 Presidential Race
Adorable kids on the campaign trail

11 adorable kids on the campaign trail

Regardless of who these little ones support on the trail, their cuteness has bipartisan appeal

2012 Presidential Race
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Spite and revenge is the new hope and change

It's Election Day! And President Obama would like you to vote. Why? "Voting's the best revenge."

2012 Presidential Race
10 best zingers on the campaign trail

10 of the best zingers from the campaign trail

While the candidates have been trading sharp remarks for months, the gloves have really come off in the final moments of the election

2012 Presidential Race
People wait in line to vote at the North Miami Public Library in Miami, Fla., on Nov. 1.

Florida's early-voting mess: Is Gov. Rick Scott suppressing Democratic votes?

Democrats sue the Sunshine State, insisting that the governor's decision to limit early-voting days has resulted in endless lines at polling stations

2012 Presidential Race
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III tosses his helmet after losing on Nov. 4, a result that could be bad news for Obama, according to a piece of superstition known as the "Redskins Rule."

4 bizarre omens predicting an Obama or Romney win

The polls are deadlocked, but some time-tested indications suggest the election will definitely go one way... or the other

2012 Presidential Race
Forget the post-election hangover: The last time there was a true spike of Americans moving to Canada was during the Vietnam War, when many fled to escape the draft.

Can you really move to Canada if your candidate loses?

It seems that every four years, many Americans — yes, mostly liberals — vow to emigrate north if their candidate is defeated

2012 Presidential Race
Though he's barely registered in the polls, third party presidential candidate Gary Johnson could steal a critical percentage point away from Mitt Romney in Ohio.

4 wild cards that could throw the election

President Obama and Mitt Romney are heading into Tuesday's vote nearly deadlocked. Here are four factors that could give one or the other an edge

2012 Presidential Race
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Why both Republicans and Democrats are so unjustifiably confident

Obama partisans are certain their guy will win a second term. Republicans are sure we'll be inaugurating a President Romney in January. Both sides can't be right...

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