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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Closer than we think?

Down to the wire: A brief history of close presidential elections

This year's contest might well fit into a storied tradition of Election Day nail-biters

2012 Presidential Race
In this mock video game, President Obama uses his secret weapon, Bill Clinton, but Mitt Romney wards him off with his money shield.

Political Kombat: What if the Obama-Romney race was a brutal video game?

As a long, ugly presidential campaign comes to an end, Slate wraps up its series of Mortal Kombat-inspired political homages with the big fight. Watch it

2012 Presidential Race
Political prognosticator Nate Silver in 2009: The New York Times stats guru is coming under fire for his confident declarations that President Obama will win a second term.

Was Nate Silver wrong to offer Joe Scarborough a bet on the election?

The New York Times public editor slaps her newspaper's own political stats maven for betting a conservative TV pundit that Obama will win

2012 Presidential Race
Early voters fill out their ballots for the presidential election on Oct. 27 in Miami: In some states affected by Superstorm Sandy, early voting has been partially disrupted because of the storm's effects.

Will Hurricane Sandy suppress voter turnout and tip the election?

Between voters too busy cleaning up from the storm and polling places unable to serve those who do show up, Sandy could be a spoiler

2012 Presidential Race
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: A tale of two Americans: How they'd fare under Obama and Romney

Let's take a closer look at how President Obama and Mitt Romney's policies would affect the lives of two very different kinds of voters

2012 Presidential Race
Voters prepare to cast their early ballots in Miami on Nov. 1: With less than 100 hours until election day, things may get a little dirty.

5 dirty tricks that could tip the presidential election

President Obama and Mitt Romney are neck-and-neck in several swing states. Could shady supporters give one of them an unfair advantage?

2012 Presidential Race
Republicans argue that President Obama is losing his grip on key swing states.

Is Obama's electoral firewall crumbling?

President Obama's small but consistent leads in key swing states have long been viewed as his key to victory — even if Romney narrowly wins the popular vote

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama speaks at the Red Cross headquarters about ongoing relief efforts on Oct. 30: The president's widely admired response to Sandy has arguably given him a political boost ahead of Tuesday's election.

3 ways Hurricane Sandy transformed the presidential race

The campaign is finally resuming — but how did the violent weather change President Obama and Mitt Romney's final dash to election day?

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney's campaign has been arguing lately that the GOP candidate is making inroads in typically Democratic states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Not a chance, says Team Obama.

Obama vs. Romney: 6 signs the momentum is shifting

Both presidential campaigns say they have the Big Mo heading into the home stretch. Who's got the stronger case?

2012 Presidential Race

9 photojournalism tropes of the campaign trail

Just like the candidates themselves, photographers can easily fall back on clichés — like the old candidate-waving-from-the-tarmac scenario

2012 Presidential Race
Oh, Abigael Evans, so young, yet so wise: The 4-year-old teared up because she's tired of hearing about the election. Sing it, sister.

WATCH: The 4-year-old moved to tears of boredom by 'Bronco Bama' and Mitt Romney

An adorable Colorado girl unwittingly — but perfectly — captures the mood of the nation

2012 Presidential Race
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: The craziest, most nail-biting elections in U.S. history

You may be surprised to learn that Bush-Gore doesn't even crack the top 3

2012 Presidential Race
Supporters urge fellow Obama fans to vote early as President Bill Clinton speaks at an Obama campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Oct. 29.

Hurricane Sandy: Could it delay Election Day?

Come Nov. 6, several states may still be struggling with the aftermath of the storm, raising the outside possibility of a postponement

2012 Presidential Race
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Why newspaper endorsements don't matter

What happened to "we report, you decide?"

2012 Presidential Race
Nate Silver attends the 16th annual Webby Awards in New York City on May 21: The New York Times political prognosticator believes President Obama has a 75 percent chance of winning.

The Nate Silver truthers: Is the Times' polling guru biased?

Some conservatives insist that the country's most famous forecaster is in the tank for Obama. His defenders's retort: It's math, stupid

2012 Presidential Race
Would it help President Obama if the feds didn't release anymore jobs data before the election? Of course, lament outraged conservatives.

What happens if Hurricane Sandy delays the jobs report?

Officials warn that it may be hard to get out October numbers before the election. Conservatives charge that a delay would be suspiciously convenient for Obama

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