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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: The October Surprise is here, and her name is Sandy

The presidential candidates had big plans for this week. A hurricane is raining on their parade

2012 Presidential Race
Because Ohio is perhaps the most crucial battleground state, Obama and Romney are wary of seeming anti-coal in a state sometimes referred to as Coal Country.

Why Obama and Romney aren't talking about climate change

The two presidential candidates agree that the world is getting hotter and that human activity is partly to blame, though you wouldn't know it from the 2012 race

2012 Presidential Race
The clash of Forward-ness and Mitt-love: The question of momentum is not an easy one.

Obama vs. Romney: Who really has the momentum?

Both campaigns are bragging about surging support, especially in swing states like Ohio. But who's leading where it counts as election day draws closer?

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama in a campaign ad: Compared to the 2008 campaign, there has been a 44.5 percent increase in the number of campaign ads aired in 2012. 

Presidential ad spending: By the numbers

The Wesleyan Media Project confirms that the 2012 battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney is the most expensive presidential campaign ever

2012 Presidential Race
A carnival float in Cologne, Germany, depicts President Obama as comic book hero Captain America: Germany is one of many countries that overwhelmingly favors Obama over Mitt Romney.

Why the world wants Obama to win

People surveyed in 21 countries overwhelmingly favor President Obama over Mitt Romney. What's behind that landslide?

2012 Presidential Race
9 surprisingly fashionable presidential merchandise

8 surprisingly fashionable pieces of presidential merchandise

Politics doesn't have to be all blazers and button-downs. This election, support your candidates in style and with a little bit of bling

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama mentions "horses and bayonets" and the internet immediately responds with memes, Twitter hashtags and spoof accounts.

Top 5 final-debate memes: 'Horses and Bayonets,' and more

Inevitably, a few choice phrases and images from Monday night's debate took on an internet life of their own

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama may have swayed a few undecided voters with his hard-hitting final debate performance on Oct. 22.

Obama's final debate victory: Will it give him a boost?

The insta-polls were unanimous that Obama beat Romney in their final debate. But that hardly guarantees that the president will seize the race's momentum

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama and Mitt Romney during their final debate on Oct. 22: Both Obama and Romney stretched the truth in certain areas in their Florida face-off.

Fact-checking the final Obama-Romney debate: Who told the biggest whoppers?

President Obama gave a shout-out to the fact-checkers in the foreign policy debate, but he had his own moments of truthiness

2012 Presidential Race
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Forget foreign policy. This election is about the economy.

Last night's debate won't move the needle. Because for better or worse, voters are laser-focused on jobs and the economy, not Iran and Benghazi

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama attacked early and often in the third and final presidential debate, while Mitt Romney seemed content to play the role of measured-and-reasonable alternative.

President Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Who won the final presidential debate?

In the tamest of the three presidential debates, the GOP candidate and the Democratic incumbent tangle on foreign policy and national security

2012 Presidential Race
Many conservatives were disappointed in Mitt Romney's debate performance on Monday.

The final presidential debate: Did Mitt Romney blow it by taking it easy on Obama?

The GOP candidate suddenly agrees with the president on Iran, Syria, and the Arab Spring

2012 Presidential Race
Many pundits were quick to point out Monday that many of Mitt Romney's foreign-policy positions were awfully similar to President Obama's.

The final presidential debate: Does Mitt Romney agree with Obama on foreign policy?

The GOP candidate is declining to show much daylight between himself and the president

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama was the clear aggressor in the final presidential debate.

The final presidential debate: Obama attacks early and often

The president is quick to go on the offensive, while Mitt Romney searches for high ground

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney greets President Obama at the final presidential debate.

WATCH LIVE: The final presidential debate

As election day nears, President Obama and Mitt Romney face off for the third and final time

2012 Presidential Race
Twitter image

The latest tweets about the final presidential debate

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from around the world

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