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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: President Obama strikes back

Mitt Romney held his own in the second presidential debate, but a clearly plurality of voters declared Obama the winner

2012 Presidential Race
Although Mitt Romney tried to make a point about the Obama administration's evolving story on the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, he was hampered by saying the president waited too long to declare it an "act of terror."

The second presidential debate: Will the Benghazi whiff hurt Mitt Romney?

Even Romney's supporters say he flubbed a key moment in his second match-up with President Obama

2012 Presidential Race
This wasn't an "obvious, lopsided victory" for Obama, says Stanley Kurtz at National Review, so it likely won't do much for his poll numbers.

Obama rallies in the second debate: Will his poll numbers rebound?

The consensus is that the president beat Mitt Romney in the rematch of their first, disastrous-for-Obama debate in Denver

2012 Presidential Race
There was an awful lot of finger-pointing during the second presidential debate.

Mitt Romney vs. President Obama: Who won the second debate?

The incumbent put in a far more energetic performance than he did the first time, but the GOP candidate didn't back down

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" line was roasted on Twitter almost immediately after the words were uttered.

The second presidential debate: Mitt Romney boasts of his 'binders full of women'

The Republican delivers an awkward response to a question on gender equality in the workplace

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney was eager on Tuesday night to distance himself from former President George W. Bush.

The second presidential debate: Mitt Romney insists he's no George W. Bush

An audience member challenges Romney to differentiate himself from the previous Republican president

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama went on the attack in the second presidential debate on Oct. 16, all but calling Mitt Romney a liar several times.

The second presidential debate: A fired-up Obama calls Romney out

Obama wastes little time getting in the face of his GOP opponent

2012 Presidential Race
President Obama and Mitt Romney shake hands at the second presidential debate.

WATCH LIVE: The second presidential debate

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off in in a town hall forum in New York

2012 Presidential Race
Twitter image

The latest tweets about the second presidential debate

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from around the world

2012 Presidential Race
An empty stage awaits President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Hempstead, New York. They will take questions in a town hall format

10 questions our readers would ask at the Obama-Romney town hall debate

From Mitt's tax returns to the war on terror, a look at some the issues our readers hope the candidates will address

2012 Presidential Race
When users try to click for more details on Mitt Romney's tax plan, the red button scoots out of reach.

The Democrats' cheeky attack on Mitt Romney's tax plan

A gimmicky website and a new ad go after the Republican's arithmetic. And that's probably just the beginning of Obama's latest campaign offensive

2012 Presidential Race
Well, undecided voters, which is it going to be?

6 brutal takedowns of undecided voters

The presidential race may well be decided by a small slice of people who, rather implausibly, have yet to make up their minds. Let's roast them

2012 Presidential Race
Although President Obama and Mitt Romney both want moderator Candy Crowley to stick to the town-hall format, she promises to ask follow-up questions if needed.

The second presidential debate: A viewer's guide

The presidential debates weren't supposed to matter much. Round 1 between President Obama and Mitt Romney did. It's time to prepare for the rematch

2012 Presidential Race
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Great(ly reduced) expectations

Anyone who tells you that tonight's debate will definitely be a game-changer is guilty of peddling, well, malarkey

2012 Presidential Race
Stephen Colbert jokingly eviscerated Pizza Hut's "Sausage or pepperoni?" publicity stunt, questioning why a 30-year supply of Pizza Hut pies was "meant to be a reward."

'Sausage or pepperoni?': Pizza Hut rethinks its presidential debate stunt

The restaurant chain backpedals after its publicity stunt gets slammed

2012 Presidential Race
"I'm not a fly on the wall," says debate moderator Candy Crowley. "We don't want the candidates to spout talking points. That doesn't help voters."

Is CNN's Candy Crowley overstepping her role as debate moderator?

Obama and Romney both have problems with Crowley's proposed approach to the town-hall debate

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