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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Obama speaks during the Oct. 8 ceremony announcing the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument to honor the late Latino civil rights activist in Keene, Calif.: One recent poll seems to have Obama ahead of Mitt Romney in Arizona, possibly because the poll, which was conducted in Spanish and English, accounted for more Latinos.

Could President Obama really win Arizona?

A new poll has President Obama narrowly leading Mitt Romney in the land of John McCain and Barry Goldwater

2012 Presidential Race
Richard Nixon (left) debates John F. Kennedy (right) during a live broadcast of their presidential debate on Oct. 21, 1960.

Everything you need to know about presidential debate history

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's clash this week will be just the latest in a long tradition of presidential showdowns

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden shows off his distractingly pearly whites.

Going dental: 5 obsessive headlines about Joe Biden's teeth

In the wake of Thursday's vice-presidential debate, Laughing Joe's already prominent choppers are all over the news

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden tries to stifle a laugh during Thursday's debate. It wasn't the only time.

Did Joe Biden laugh too much at the VP debate?

The vice president responded to Paul Ryan's attacks with smiles and chuckles, potentially coming off as condescending and obnoxious

2012 Presidential Race
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: Why Joe Biden's debate swagger matters — and why it doesn't

The vice president fired up the base and put Republican Paul Ryan back on his heels. But history shows that even boffo VP performances rarely move the needle

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden's got a kick out of last night's debate, inspiring the faux Twitter account @LaughingJoeBiden.

#Malarkey, @LaughingJoeBiden, and other VP debate-inspired memes

The face-off between the vice president and Paul Ryan provided ample fodder for Twitter wits and wags who craft animated gifs

2012 Presidential Race
During the VP debate in Kentucky, Vice President Joe Biden made a claim about security requests in Libya that directly contradicted the account of the State Department.

The VP debate: Joe Biden and Paul Ryan's biggest tactical flubs

There were no devastating gaffes in Thursday's vice presidential debate. Still, both Biden and Ryan made potentially costly unforced errors

2012 Presidential Race
When it comes to stretching the truth, it seems both vice presidential candidates were culpable during their Oct. 11 debate.

The Biden-Ryan debate fact-check: Who told the biggest whoppers?

Both candidates stretched the truth during their televised showdown. A breakdown of how fact-checkers scored it

2012 Presidential Race
VP Debate moderator Martha Raddatz speaks prior to the vice-presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky.: Raddatz approached the debate as a journalist, asking tough questions on topics like the Libyan consulate attack and abortion.

Why Martha Raddatz was a better debate moderator than Jim Lehrer: 3 theories

Raddatz wins mostly rave reviews, and avoids the punishing criticism that Lehrer faced after getting steamrolled in last week's presidential debate

2012 Presidential Race
Joe Biden speaks during the vice-presidential debate on Thursday: Nothing in last night's match-up reconfigured the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, says James Rainey at The Los Angeles Times.

Did Joe Biden's bravado debate performance help Obama?

Biden dominated the sole vice-presidential face-off. But that may have turned off many voters

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) shake hands after their debate: Biden certainly dominated the conversation... but does that mean he won?

VP debate: Did Joe Biden win?

Everyone agrees that Biden's debate performance topped President Obama's. But did the veep beat Paul Ryan?

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden was the clear aggressor throughout much of his debate with Paul Ryan.

The vice presidential debate: 4 takeaways

What happened at the debate? Joe Biden popularized the word "malarkey." Paul Ryan melted hearts with "bean." And no one said a word about Big Bird

2012 Presidential Race
A smiling Joe Biden rained down zingers and insults on Paul Ryan at the VP debate on Oct. 11. 

The vice presidential debate: Joe Biden's best lines

Seeking to make up for President Obama's lackluster debate performance, Biden is going after Paul Ryan with gusto

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden took an aggressive fighting stance from the get-go at his debate with Paul Ryan.

The vice presidential debate: Joe Biden comes out swinging, wins raves

The Democrat tags Paul Ryan for talking "malarkey," while the GOP candidate hits Biden on the administration's muddled Libya response

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan debate on Oct. 11 in Kentucky, in an event moderated by Martha Raddatz.

WATCH LIVE: The vice presidential debate

Veteran Democrat Joe Biden faces off against conservative wunderkind Paul Ryan

2012 Presidential Race
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