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2012 Presidential Race

2012 Presidential Race
Unlike President Obama, who came across as defeatist in his first debate, Vice President Joe Biden is likely to telegraph his desire to "keep his job" at Thursday's debate against Paul Ryan, say commentators.

Are Republicans underestimating Joe Biden?

The GOP is pretty confident that Paul Ryan will thrash the gaffe-prone vice president at Thursday's debate, but Ryan may be in for a surprise

2012 Presidential Race
"You took ObamaCare so far but you left me like a dog strapped on Romney's car," sings a disappointed Millennial in a particularly devastating Obama parody video.

The best Barack Obama parody videos

Comics spoof everything from Obama's lousy debate performance to his struggles to actually deliver hope and change

2012 Presidential Race
The vice-presidential debate could totally shake up the 2012 race... or be completely eclipsed by the numerous sporting events happening at the same time.

The vice presidential debate: A viewer's guide

Will Joe Biden make a monster gaffe? Will Paul Ryan get lost in the weeds of wonkery? Here's what you need to know about Thursday's potentially momentous debate

2012 Presidential Race
Martha Raddatz, the ABC News reporter serving as moderator of the vice presidential debate, has been put under the microscope by partisan forces who believe she's too closely connected to President Obama to fairly fulfill her task on Thursday.

ABC's Martha Raddatz: Too biased to moderate the VP debate?

The Daily Caller reveals that Obama attended Raddatz's 1991 wedding, suggesting that the connection means she can't be trusted to referee Thursday's face-off

2012 Presidential Race
No stranger to the debate stage, Joe Biden squared off in 2008 with Sarah Palin, who memorably asked, "Can I call you Joe?"

7 memorable VP debate moments: A video history

Anticipation is building ahead of Thursday's showdown between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. If the past is any guide, both candidates may leave an indelible mark

2012 Presidential Race
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) speaks in Swanton, Ohio, on Oct. 8: Ryan has to be careful not to get too wonky when discussing budget and Medicare issues at the debate.

6 ways Paul Ryan can win the VP debate

Ryan's face-off against Vice President Joe Biden may not be the cakewalk some Republicans are expecting

2012 Presidential Race
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Joe Biden can't save Barack Obama

The president is blowing it big time — and even a masterful debate performance from his running mate won't be enough to right this ship

2012 Presidential Race
A new PPP poll for the Daily Kos and SEIU shows Mitt Romney with a two-point lead over President Obama.

Are the polls biased in favor of Mitt Romney now?

It wasn't all that long ago that conservatives argued that pollsters were rigging their surveys for President Obama

2012 Presidential Race
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event on Sept. 7 in Portsmouth, N.H.: Biden might be able to outdo Paul Ryan if he calls the congressman out on his fuzzy budget math.

6 ways Joe Biden can win the VP debate

That Obama's electoral hopes might rest on Biden's verbal skills seems like Christmas for the GOP. Here, a few ways the vice president could turn the tables

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney during a campaign rally on Oct. 8 in Newport News, Va.: While Romney leads Obama in the Pew poll, Rasmussen and Gallup both show the president pulling ahead.

Is Mitt Romney really pulling ahead?

Republicans are overjoyed with a reputable Pew poll showing Romney with a 4-point lead over Obama, even though other polls show Obama slightly ahead

2012 Presidential Race
Sure, they played nice after the debate, but Mitt Romney and President Obama wasted no time releasing attack ads based on their respective opponents' performances.

Obama vs. Romney: Who will win the post-debate spin?

Dems and GOPers follow up the first on-stage clash with ads hammering home the messages they hope voters will take away from the event. Whose version will prevail?

2012 Presidential Race
If Mitt Romney wins the election, will the conservative or the moderate version of him move into the White House?

The presidential debate: How Mitt Romney reverted to being a Massachusetts moderate

The GOP candidate suddenly doesn't want to raise taxes on the rich and loves government regulations. But is this the real Mitt Romney?

2012 Presidential Race
While Mitt Romney landed more zingers, they didn't quite live up to the pre-debate hype.

The Obama-Romney debate zingers: A mashup

These televised presidential sparring matches are known to produce scorching one-liners. In case you missed them, here are a few that landed hard

2012 Presidential Race
A photo of Mitt Romney playing Jenga with his family before the Oct. 3 debate quickly inspired an internet meme.

'Unemployed Big Bird,' Jenga, and other debate-inspired memes

Mitt Romney may have won the debate, but the big loser was Sesame Street's beloved icon. A guide to the Twitter madness Wednesday night's showdown inspired

2012 Presidential Race
The typically family-friendly appliance maker KitchenAid is in damage-control mode, offering its "deepest apologies for an irresponsible tweet that is in no way a representation of the brand's opinion."

KitchenAid jokes about Obama's deceased grandmother: The fallout

The typically inoffensive appliance brand makes an ill-advised joke on Twitter — and pays the price

2012 Presidential Race
Mitt Romney and President Obama go in for the cordial handshake after their first debate on Oct. 3.

The Obama-Romney debate: Who won the body-language war?

Once voters forget what President Obama and Mitt Romney said in their Wednesday showdown, they'll still remember the images they projected

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