Justin Bieber : First Reactions
When you care enough to scream the very best: Two Bieber fans fail to maintain their composure during a performance in Sydney, Australia.

21 furious Twitter reactions to Justin Bieber's Grammy snub

Beliebers didn't take too kindly to the awards show's apparent indifference to their idol

Justin Bieber : The List
Justin Bieber's mom opens up about her tumultuous upbringing and what it was like being a teen mom of the future pop sensation.

Nowhere but Up: 6 revelations about Justin Bieber from his mom's memoir

The Canadian mom who brought the world Bieber Fever shares painful details from her rough early life... and sheds light on her famous son

Justin Bieber : Instant Guide
Justin Bieber fans scream during his concert in Lima, Peru: Even as he ages out of their demographic, teens from all around the world continue to exhibit symptoms of Bieber Fever.

Why Bieber Fever is more contagious than the measles

Scientists examine the infectious appeal of 18-year-old megastar Justin Bieber, and why a neverending stream of young girls contract a sick love for him

Justin Bieber : Best Video
In his new video set at Macy's, Justin Bieber claims to want only "you" for Christmas while obviously coveting Nintendos and high tops.

Did Justin Bieber ruin Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas'?

The year's worst music video? Dueting with Carey on her holiday classic, Bieber prances around Macy's while she shimmies cloyingly in a Santa outfit

Justin Bieber : Burning Question
Justin Bieber may be compelled to submit to DNA tests if the courts take the paternity suit he's facing seriously.

Is Justin Bieber a baby daddy?

A 20-year-old fan alleges that the teen hearthrob conceived a child with her during a backstage tryst — and she could be charged with statutory rape

Justin Bieber : Fact Sheet
Justin Bieber looking sleeker in April 2011 with a new do, but at what price to his toy maker?

How Justin Bieber's haircut cost one toy maker $100,000

The famous teen's need for change proves to be one expensive coif

Justin Bieber : Slideshow
The February 2011 Vanity Fair cover featuring Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and 8 other failed magazine covers: A slideshow

The teen idol's February Vanity Fair cover was a total flop. Will Smith can sympathize

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
Where is Justin Bieber's competition? Britney Spears had Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys had *NSYNC, but the Biebs' reign has so far gone largely unchallenged.

What happened to all the 'next Justin Biebers'?

A slew of passably mop-topped candidates have been hyped as successors to the 17-year-old pop star — and then, mysteriously, all but disappeared

Justin Bieber : Best Video
Justin Bieber says girls who wear his debut fragrance, Someday, will be irresistible to him: Most devious marketing ploy ever?

Justin Bieber's 'ridiculous' perfume commercial

The teen pop star is expanding his empire with a perfume called Someday. Does "Eau de Bieber" smell like a success?

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
The world will never know what could have become of the meeting between Justin Bieber and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Justin Bieber vs. Benjamin Netanyahu

The Canadian pop sensation and Israeli prime minister point fingers over a canceled Mideast meeting. Who's to blame — Bieber or Bibi?

Justin Bieber : Wit
Justin Bieber showed off his shorn locks on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and offered the host a box of his hair for charity.

Can the world possibly recover from Justin Bieber's haircut?

The teen idol goes for a more adult look, and shocks his young fanbase. Will the scars ever heal?

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
Like Justin Bieber, fellow Canadian Heather Russell, 10, has a YouTube-fueled fan following.

The 'next Justin Bieber' is a girl

Meet Heather Russell: The new tween singing sensation with an impressive set of pipes and the viral videos to prove it

Justin Bieber : Burning Question
Justin Bieber is infiltrating your movie screens ("Never Say Never," left), late-night television programming ("The Daily Show," center) and Super Bowl broadcast (Best Buy commercial, right).

Is America getting sick of Justin Bieber?

Guest appearances on "The Daily Show," "SNL," "CSI," and a Super Bowl ad with Ozzy Osbourne... Is the teen idol "overexposed?"

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
Justin Beiber as Jon Stewart: A disorienting teen-idol twist on "The Daily Show."

Justin Bieber hosts 'The Daily Show'

The teen idol switched places with Jon Stewart last night in a take on "Freaky Friday"-type body-swap comedies

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
The girls featured in the cover shoot were actual Justin Bieber fans who said they loved his hair, smile and personality, among other things.

Justin Bieber's 'sexualized' Vanity Fair photo spread

The teen idol's magazine shoot is drawing comparisons to controversial Miley Cyrus photos from 2008. Too sexy or just innocent fun?

Justin Bieber : Opinion Brief
Earlier this year the 16-year-old's memoir 'First Step 2 Forever' became a New York Times best seller.

The 'hubris' of Justin Bieber's documentary

The 16-year-old pop sensation is documenting his meteoric rise to stardom — in a 3D film, no less

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