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Driving in America

Driving in America : The List
Eat your heart out, McFly.

7 imaginative attempts to improve the DeLorean

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Or wheels. Or gas

Driving in America : Instant Guide
A newly invented smart headlight system can make a thunderstorm look like a mere drizzle.

The 'smart headlight' that makes raindrops invisible

Driving through a violent downpour at night can be quite dangerous, but now, an intelligent new lighting system promises to virtually eliminate glare

Driving in America : Fact Sheet
According to simulated studies, Ford's in-development Traffic Jam Assist could cut travel time cby 37.5 percent and delays by 20 percent.

Ford's 'Traffic Jam Assist': Are we close to a driverless car?

Soon, frustrated motorists might have the option of kicking back on congested highways and letting their cars do the driving

Driving in America : Best Video
Too tired to stand and Segway? Honda's UNI-Cub would allow users to sit on a motorized stool that responds when you shift your weight.

Honda's Segway alternative... that you steer with your butt

The Japanese automaker unveils a prototype for a mobile transportation system that users can maneuver using just their derrières

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
The Ford Mustang is up for a makeover, and the classic car's new look (which probably won't be rolled out until 2014) may tone down the muscle.

The Ford Mustang's new European look: A big mistake?

The Detroit auto giant is preparing to overhaul an American icon, even though many middle-aged fans of the retro car may not be ready for an update

Driving in America : In-depth briefing
Google executives Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin pose in their self-driving test model car.

Coming soon: Self-driving cars?

Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robotic chauffeurs could soon become reality

Driving in America : Controversy
Drivers are 163 times more likely to get in an accident when they're distracted by texts, emails, or a phone call, according to one study.

Should America ban cell phones for drivers?

An influentional national advisory board wants all 50 states to prohibit cell phone use by drivers — even with hands-free headsets

Driving in America : Analysis
There are no age restrictions or skill tests for Amish buggy driving, but after a deadly crash in Indiana, critics say there ought to be.

Time for Amish buggy driving tests?

A deadly Labor Day accident raises questions about the safety of letting children take horse-drawn carts into traffic

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Worried about that weather? A battery-operated device now allows drivers to communicate their feelings with a range of emoticons.

'Drivemocion': Emoticons for your car

Looking for a cuter way to express your road rage? This gadget offers 16 light-up messages to send your fellow drivers

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Ford's new concept car, the Evos, is a hybrid that connects to the cloud to manage your schedule and music library.

Ford's 'sexy' Evos: Can this car run your social life?

A new concept car promises to manage your schedule, turn off the lights in your house, and set your alarm clock

Driving in America : Burning Question
Top executives from Ford and Toyota shake hands during a news conference Monday, after announcing the car makers' collaboration on SUV hybrids.

Will SUVs finally become fuel-efficient?

An unlikely partnership between Ford and Toyota could revolutionize hybrid engines for SUVs and pickup trucks

Driving in America : The List
A stretch of Interstate 405 stood vacant over the weekend, so workers could demolish an overpass as part of a $1 billion project to widen the California freeway.

4 reasons 'Carmageddon' didn't cripple L.A.

Though America's most auto-obsessed city was dreading a two-day closure on I-405, it turned out to be no biggie for most Angelenos

Driving in America : Forecast
Terrafugia's Transition vehicle lands after its first flight in 2009: The first few Transition "roadable aircraft" could be available as soon as 2012.

How soon will we have flying cars?

Terrafugia, a company that manufactures "roadable aircrafts," scores government approval to make vehicles of the future a reality

Driving in America : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The folly of doubling down on electric cars

So-called green vehicles are expensive and tough to dispose of, and may actually increase America's dependence on foreign resources

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Ford is developing voice-controlled apps that will help drivers manage health issues, including allergies and blood sugar levels.

Ford's health-monitoring cars: Too intrusive?

Ford is putting a medical twist on car design, with apps that help you soothe your allergies or avoid slipping into a diabetic stupor

Driving in America : Fact Sheet
The driver's seat of a Ford S-MAX: The American carmaker is teaming with Google to try to predict drivers' habits, and help them save fuel.

Googling your way to better fuel economy

Ford is teaming with Google to develop a high-tech system that could predict driver behavior — and adjust a car's energy use in response

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