Starbucks : Instant Guide
In addition to the flagship store in Mumbai, Starbucks will launch two more stores in 2012 in the bustling city.

Can Starbucks make it in India?

The unquenchably ambitious coffee chain opens its first store in the world's second-most populous nation, but faces some cultural challenges

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
Starbucks' Verismo 580 Brewer sells for $199, and ships with a box a Latte Pods.

Starbucks' new one-cup coffee machine: Will customers buy it?

The ubiquitous coffee chain hopes to expand into your kitchen, offering a new home brewer that can re-create the company's signature lattes and espressos

Starbucks : Instant Guide
The coffee franchise is going digital with Square, a company that will eventually allow businesses to circumvent high transaction fees charged by major credit card companies.

Will Starbucks' deal with Square finally make mobile wallets happen?

Who needs cash? The coffee giant strikes a $25 million deal to use the futuristic payment system in 7,000 of its chains nationwide, which could mean the end of the old way of paying

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
Starbucks is squeezing a little more out of its brand with Evolution Fresh, a health food joint serving up salad, smoothies, and juice.

'Evolution Fresh': Can Starbucks rule the juice market?

In a bid to expand its empire, the java king tries its hand at smoothies

Starbucks : Wit
If you need a toilet break after finishing that venti coffee, too bad: Starbucks is reserving bathrooms at its Manhattan locations for employees only.

Starbucks closes its public bathrooms: The best wisecracks

The coffee king mandates that its frequently-trafficked NYC restrooms will be restricted to employees only — sparking both anxiety and jokes

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
Starbucks has purchased juice maker Evolution Fresh Inc. for $30 million: The coffee king will sell fruit drinks in its coffee shops, supermarkets, and a new string of Starbucks health and wellness stores.

Will Starbucks' $30 million bet on juice pay off?

The coffee giant snatches up a major juice maker, and plans to hawk healthy fruit drinks alongside its creamy peppermint mochas

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
People work on their laptops at a Starbucks: Some New York locations may block electrical outlets so customers don't hog tables all day.

Should Starbucks pull the plug on laptop loafers?

Some of the java giant's New York City coffee shops are cutting off customers who mistake the cafés for a home office

Starbucks : Petty Controversy
Starbucks may be ideal for self-absorption, but the seemingly homey, laid-back atmosphere is also the perfect setting for petty thievery.

Is Starbucks a thief magnet?

Thanks to a steady flow of distracted customers, criminals are finding it easy to grab something to go, according to The New York Times

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPod Touch owners can download a Starbucks app to pay for drinks and find nearby stores.

Buying Starbucks coffee with your iPhone: Wave of the future?

The java chain has rolled out a smartphone app that customers can use to pay for their lattes. Will this idea kill cash?

Starbucks : Wit
Initially, the super-sized 31-ounce Trenta cup will be used only for iced drinks.

Starbucks' new 'jacuzzi-sized' cup: The Trenta

The coffee giant is introducing a massive, 31-ounce cup size — and commentators are cracking wise about conspicuous consumption

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
The new, stripped-down Starbucks symbol is the fourth incarnation of its logo in the company's 40-year history.

Starbucks' 'risky' new logo

Gambling that its iconic mermaid symbol can say "Starbucks" on her own, the coffee giant has dropped its brand name from its logo. Terrible idea?

Starbucks : By the numbers
A Shanghai Starbucks location, one of approximately 500 stores currently operating in mainland China.

Starbucks invades China: By the numbers

The coffee colossus has plans for a massive Chinese expansion — in hopes of tempting the country's growing middle-class population

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
The "highly recognizable brand" tests the alcoholic waters with a wine-bar coffee house.

Starbucks' gamble on beer and wine: Will it work?

In an effort to keep up with the times, the 40-year-old coffee giant may be turning to booze

Starbucks : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets on 'Starbucks'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
Starbucks baristas have been ordered to focus on quality over quantity.

Should Starbucks slow down?

In response to quality complaints, the company is ordering baristas to brew each cup less hastily. Will the result be tastier lattes or just longer lines?

Starbucks : Best Column
Big coffee companies aren't the only ones fighting for fans. Smaller companies are gaining momentum with new selling strategies.

Who won the coffee wars?

While Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's took on Starbucks, writes Jason Notte at Newsweek, lesser-known companies were quietly changing the battle rules

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