Starbucks : Petty Controversy
Starbucks has changed its drive-through menus, cutting the number of items featured down from about 75 to around 25.

Petty controversy: Starbucks' 'sneaky' menu switch

Is the coffee chain pulling one over on drive-through customers by quietly removing its smallest (and cheapest) size option from the menu?

Starbucks : Flashback
Starbucks: Soon to offer a stiffer brew?

Starbucks: Coffee, tea, and beer?

Hit hard by the recession and fast-food competitors, the coffee giant is testing the idea of selling alcohol — but will it turn off core customers?

Starbucks : Opinion Brief
A $12 cup of coffee: Will anyone buy it?

A $12 takeout coffee?

The latest sign the recession may be over: A New York City cafe is serving a to-go caffeine jolt as costly as a glass of wine

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