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Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Hubba, hubba: Researchers say it's a man's rock-hard immune system that really turns women on.

The key to male sexiness: A powerful immune system?

What really turns women on? According to a new study from Scotland's Abertay University, it may not be men's hard bodies, but rather, their strong antibodies

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
A college in Pennsylvania has made Plan B contraceptive available to students via a vending machine inside the school's private health center.

Should Plan B pills be available in vending machines?

The health center at Pennsylvania's Shippenburg University installs a controversial new unit to dispense emergency contraceptives for students

Sex and Relationships : Analysis
Between online dating and Viagra, elderly people are having more sex, which has given rise to more sexually transmitted diseases among the senior set.

The dramatic rise of STDs among senior citizens

Older adults are reportedly having a whole lot of sex — but they're also plagued by skyrocketing rates of syphyilis and chlamydia

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
An Atlanta artist tries to help singles find their soulmates by sniffing through dirty T-shirts till they find the scent they like.

Sniffing smelly T-shirts: The new way to find a soulmate?

An Atlanta artist decides to try following her nose to love, creating a matchmaking party based on little-understood magnetic aromas

Sex and Relationships : Essay
Page and her husband, Allan (left), care for Page's ex-husband, Robert (right), whose brain was severely damaged in an accident.

Living with a brain-damaged ex-husband

Can a marriage be big enough, asks Susan Baer, to make room for a former spouse who is mentally impaired?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Cyber-minded teenage couples are increasingly "proving" their love and trust by sharing passwords to their email, Facebook, and other protected sites.

Sharing passwords: A dangerous new teen trend?

The joy of intimacy, the thrill of tempting heartache, the angst of concerned parents: Is "pre-marital password sharing" the new teen sex?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
New York City teens helped create safe sex PSAs aimed at fellow inner-city teenagers, but their colloquial language is too much for some critics.

New York's new safe-sex campaign: 'Too raw'?  

A taxpayer-financed, teen-created ad campaign introduces New York adults to the term "raw dogging" — and not everyone is eager to be enlightened

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Nevada may be full of legal brothels, but it's about to get its first alien-themed sex house catering to sci-fi fans dreaming of an extraterrestrial fling.

Nevada's Alien Cathouse: A sci-fi brothel for nerds?

A brothel baron plans to open an exotic sex den for men who dream of getting it on in outer space

Sex and Relationships : Analysis
In the 1960s nearly 60 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 were married, today, only 20 percent of that age group have walked down the aisle.

Are married people 'nearly a minority'?

According to new Pew Research numbers, fewer Americans than ever before are saying "I do"

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Yaz was once the most popular birth control pill in the U.S., but its sales have plummeted in recent years, after research suggested the drug entailed health risks.

Does Yaz birth control cause deadly blood clots?

An FDA panel urges new warning labels on the popular oral contraceptives, saying there's a small but real health risk associated with the drug

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
The Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday that the government would continue requiring women under 17 to get a prescription before purchasing the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B.

Should Plan B be as easy to get as aspirin?

Health advocates demand that women under 17 be allowed to buy emergency contraception without a prescription. But the feds swat down their request

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Too much steak for just one? A Swedish dating site pairs potential mates by what they have in the fridge.

The dating site that pairs singles by what's in their fridges

Swedish farmers offer a dating service that lets eco-friendly singles fight food waste and loneliness at the same time

Sex and Relationships : Controversy
Classes at the the world's first sex school cover sexual techniques and advanced intercourse.

The world's first sex school: An instant guide

The Austrian International School of Sex instructs students on how to be lovers, using what it calls "hands on" techniques

Sex and Relationships : Best Video
If your significant other is far away, try turning to a pillow that pulses with a gentle glow of your distant lover's heartbeat.

The pillow that makes long-distance relationships less lonely

A Scottish inventor devises interactive pillows that allow lovers to sleep together — even if they're separated by continents or oceans  

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Norma and Gordon Yeager had each promised to live as long as the other.

72 years together: The couple who died holding hands

After 72 years of marriage, Norma and Gordon Yeager died within one hour of each other — and were buried in a single coffin

Sex and Relationships : Best Column
In her Atlantic cover story, Kate Bolick argues that we've entered a new era of relationships in which many women are forgoing marriage altogether.

The Atlantic's 'Single Ladies' cover story: 6 takeaways

Writer Kate Bolick investigates the state of modern marriage and concludes that women might be better off just staying single

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