Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
A new study says that women sext more than men, though plenty of skeptics are poking holes in the rather unscientific methodology.

Do women sext more than men?

A provocative (and, some say, problematic) new study finds that two-thirds of surveyed women have sent nude photos or sexts

Sex and Relationships : Best Column
In order to protect the kids, a new generation of divorcing parents is trying to keep it friendlier than their own parents' adversarial splits.

Divorce, Generation-X style

Young parents raised in broken homes are determined to stay married, says Susan Gregory Thomas in The Wall Street Journal — or at least to make divorce less painful

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Couples planning to marry may want wait or reconsider, says the founder of online dating site eHarmony.

Is marriage a dying institution?

Even the founder of online matchmaker eHarmony says couples planning to take the plunge should reconsider

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
A Japanese couple sits during their divorce ceremony Sunday: After celebrating with friends and smashing their rings, the couple will file for divorce.

Japan's 'bizarre' spike in divorce ceremonies

Three months after a killer earthquake devastated the island nation, some couples are finally ready to celebrate… their divorce

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Sex and relationships columnist Dan Savage says monogamy may be too much to ask of your partner.

Is monogamy unrealistic?

The New York Times examines whether the expectation of fidelity is poisoning marriages — and if honesty about cheating may be the cure

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Ovulation helps women pick out a good mate by enhancing her ability to identify gay men from straight, according to new research.

Do ovulating women have better 'gaydar'?

Psychologists suggest that when women are at their most fertile, they get better at telling which men are straight and which are gay

Sex and Relationships : Best Column
A man's age can be just as relevant to his baby's health as his partner's age, says Jennifer Vanderbes in The Wall Street Journal.

Do men have biological clocks, too?

It's not just women, says Jennifer Vanderbes in The Wall Street Journal. A father's age can also increase the risk of birth defects

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Some parents say it is safer (if not necessarily more relaxing) for teenagers to have sex at home instead of sneaking around parks and motels.

Should parents allow teen sex at home?

Some parents are abandoning the "not under my roof" approach, concerned that otherwise their kids will do it in "a car or a park"

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
More upper-middle class couples are staying together than previous generations, perhaps because marriage has become more optional in the first place.

Why divorce went 'out of style': 4 theories

Once seen as liberating — or at least socially acceptable — divorce is now as taboo as gas-guzzling SUVs for some Americans

Sex and Relationships : The List
The sexiest place to do it? The car, according to Torjan's national sex survey.

National sex census: 5 titillating takeaways

Angelenos do it the most. Married people value quality over quantity. Men hanker after airborne sex — and other intriguing findings from the Trojan sex survey

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
When a young teenage girl's first sexual experience is unwanted, she is more prone to divorce than her fellow teens, according to a new study.

Are sexually active teens headed for divorce?

A new study warns that girls who begin having sex at an early age are twice as likely to have their marriages end after five years

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Long commutes to work put greater stress on new marriages, according to new research.

Long commutes: Relationship killers?

Time-consuming commutes are gas-guzzling headaches — and new research says they may also be detrimental to young marriages. A brief guide

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
An atheist surveyed thousands of ex-believers, and found that dropping religion yielded an improvement in the bedroom.

Do atheists have better sex lives?

A new survey claims that former believers have much more satisfying sex once they abandon God. But is this study just snake oil science?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Newer birth control pills have riskier side effects than their predecessors, according to new research.

Why isn't birth control getting better?

It has been half a century since the advent of the birth-control pill, but side effects are still too common and alternatives all too few, say commentators

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Forget those little blue pills, because a new type of condom will be laced with a Viagra-like gel to help ward off any awkward moments in the bedroom.

Will 'Viagra condoms' promote safer sex?  

A in-development Durex prophylactic promises wary men that condoms will no longer affect their performance

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
College graduation is just around the corner, and 57 percent of the class of 2011 will be made up of women. Will that create an intellectual imbalance in future relationships?

Will more female college grads be forced to 'marry down?'

A disproportionate number of new college graduates are women, and some worry that they'll have to settle for men with less education

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