Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships : By the numbers
In 1960 nearly three quarters of American adults were married while in 2008 it was just over half.

Is marriage obsolete?: By the numbers

A new study suggests that young people are waiting to tie the knot — if they ever decide to do so. Is a venerable institution coming undone?

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Men who fake orgasms tend to be more sexually experienced.

Why men fake orgasms, too

Yes, women aren't the only ones guilty of feigning satisfaction, according to two new studies

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Does love prevent pain, or just predispose you to run on the beach?

Love: The natural painkiller

New research suggests that falling in love has remarkable effects on the brain — such as muting pain impulses. But beware: Like morphine, it can be addictive

Sex and Relationships : By the numbers
Only 64 percent of women reported having had an orgasm the last time they had sex.

Sex in America 2010: By the numbers

The largest survey ever on Americans' sexual habits has yielded some surprises, namely a "gap" in orgasm perception between men and women and a rise in anal sex

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Apologies can be relationship healers for women.

Why women apologize more than men

Canadian researchers have proved what many females long suspected. Or have they?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Hello new relationship, goodbye old friends.

Does falling in love mean losing your friends?

British anthropologists say people sacrifice an average of two close friendships when they start a new romance

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
In one study, women who earned less than their partners were least likely to cheat on them.

Why poor husbands cheat on rich wives

A man is five times more likely to cheat if he earns less money than his wife or girlfriend, claims a new study. Should well-paid women be worried? 

Sex and Relationships : Best Column
Are we hardwired for infidelity?

Actually, no, wives shouldn't let their husbands cheat

Author — and undercover mistress — Holly Hill argues that women would be better off excusing their husbands' adulterous ways. Enough, says Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Hubba hubba?

Why do women prefer men who wear red?

Science speaks: Guys looking for love should consider wearing crimson

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
A new study challenges longstanding assumptions that men are less sensitive to romantic upheaval.

Does love hurt more for men?

In an "unexpected plot twist," a new sociology study has found that young men, not women, are most affected by strains in romantic relationships

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Cynthia Nixon: A "late-blooming" lesbian?

The rise of late-blooming lesbians

New studies show that female sexuality may change over time and that an increasing number of women are choosing women after decades of heterosexuality

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Are older women inherently sexier?

Why 'cougars' have more fun

A new study confirms the existence of the "cougar," and says evolutionary forces push women in their 30s and 40s to be more sexual than their younger counterparts

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Grindr allows gay men to find each other based on GPS enabled technology.

Grindr: The new frontier of casual sex?

A wildly popular GPS-enabled iPhone app allows gay men to hone in on nearby hookups. Will a new heterosexual version take off, too?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Divorce: A catching illness?

Is divorce 'contagious'?

A Brown University study finds we're far more likely to get divorced if our close friends have split up, but some commentators aren't buying it

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Women are having fewer babies now than ever.

Why women are having fewer babies: 4 theories

Twice as many women are reaching their 40s childless today than three decades ago, according to a provocative new Pew Research Center report

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Some argue that the pill should be available without a prescription.

Should the pill be available over the counter?

The birth control pill has proven more reliable than non-prescription alternatives — so why, ask contraception advocates, is it still harder to get?

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