Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
The FDA says flibanserin falls short of the "female Viagra" label.

Is the 'female Viagra' a myth?

The FDA is skeptical about flibanserin, a drug heralded as a potential cure for a lackluster female sex drive. Why?

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
PMDD poster boy?

Postpartum depression in men?

Researchers say 10.4 percent of new dads experience emotional lows — further complicating the parenting challenge

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
A new poll asks people what it means to "have sex"

What is 'sex,' exactly?

A new study suggests the answer might not be as simple as you think

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Could the hookup culture hurt men?

Casual sex: Bad for men?

Is "hookup culture" leaving nice-guy "beta men" out of the loop?

Sex and Relationships : In-depth briefing
Hooking up: making dating obsolete.

Love in the time of hooking up

For young people, the trend is sex first, dating (maybe) later. Is this healthy?

Sex and Relationships : Lifestyle
Happiness starts within. Eventually, my husband got it.

He said he was leaving. She ignored him.

When Laura Munson's husband asked for a divorce, she ducked instead of fighting. He needed to learn, she says, that his unhappiness wasn't really about her

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