Wall Street : Opinion Brief
The Anonymous hackers collective leaked a series of emails purportedly showing "fraud" at Bank of America ââ¬â emails that few commentators could even understand.

Anonymous' Bank of America takedown: Why did it flop?

The "hactivist" web collective releases emails purporting to show "fraud" at the financial institution. Here, four theories why the scandal strategy went awry

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Titans of finance testify before a government commission probing the 2008 economic meltdown, which a Pentagon report suggests could have been caused by "outside forces."

Did 'financial terrorism' cause the economic crash?

A government report suggests that "outside forces" may have triggered the 2008 economic meltdown. So... it wasn't our fault after all?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Bernie Madoff maintains that his family new nothing of his crimes, but that some banks were complicit in his fraud.

Did the big banks know Bernie Madoff was a crook?

In Madoff's first interview since being arrested in 2008, the notorious fraudster says the banks were in on the game. Should we believe him?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Following Goldman Sachs' Facebook investment, JP Morgan Chase is reportedly raising big money to invest in social media companies like Twitter.

JPMorgan's 'Twitter' fund

The banking giant will start a fund to invest in digital media companies. Is this a sign of another tech bubble?

Wall Street : Best Column
A German trader watches the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, whose parent company Deutsche Boerse is rumored to be in talks to buy the NYSE.

NYSE's merger and the death of stock markets

We cheer the Dow and fret about Germany buying the New York Stock Exchange, says Felix Salmon in The New York Times, but "the stock market is becoming increasingly irrelevant"

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Public outrage over Wall Street bonuses remains high, according to a new Bloomberg poll.

Should the government ban Wall Street bonuses?

Americans strongly oppose the end-of-year extras given to bankers who took bailout money. Should Washington step in?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Youku, a Chinese version of YouTube, more than doubled its offering price during its initial public offering.

A Chinese dot-com bubble?

With two wildly successful IPOs, the Chinese tech sector is taking the New York Stock Exchange by force — triggering fears of imminent collapse

Wall Street : Fact Sheet
In 2009 protesters hit New York's financial district to challenge Wall Street's $3.3 trillion government bailout.

The 2008 Wall Street meltdown: What really happened

The Federal Reserve has released details about $3.3 trillion in emergency loans it made to help prevent a financial collapse. What do the new numbers reveal?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
The politically condemned Wall Street bailout earned the government $25.2 billion on its original $309 billion investment in banks and insurers.

Wait... TARP turned a profit?

The much-maligned Wall Street bailout program has made American taxpayers $25 billion richer. Will this make them hate it less?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Wall Street banks handed out more bonuses this year than in 2007, prior to the financial crisis.

Wall Street's record bonuses: How outrageous are they?

America's biggest banks are handing out a record $144 billion in bonuses this year, despite the still shaky economy

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
Is Wall Street's hiring binge a sign of better tiimes ahead?

Wall Street's hiring binge: Happy days again?

Financial firms that helped cause the economic meltdown have started aggressively recruiting and hiring. Is that good news?

Wall Street : Opinion Brief
A little bit of inflation can be a good thing.

The 'Move Your Money' uproar

Is it time to punish big Wall Street banks by moving your business to small, local institutions?

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