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Looking good Jasper, looking good.

Behind the scenes at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show

Combed, curled, and ready to strut their stuff…

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Believe it or not, this little bundle of canine joy is actually a descendant of the big bad wolf.

How wolves evolved into man's best friend

Swedish scientists have identified a key piece of the canine evolutionary puzzle: The ability to process carbs

Dogs : The List
Leao, a dog in Brazil, sits vigil at her owner's gravesite after fatal landslides in January 2011: Leoa is one of many dogs who have recently shown courageous acts of loyalty for the ones they love.

The phenomenon of grieving dogs: The ultimate loyalty [Updated]

Living up to the title of man's best friend, these dogs face danger and death to stay near the ones they love

Dogs : The List
The K-9 Parish Comfort dogs (and their handlers) who helped the residents of Newtown, Conn., through their grief.

The 9 most newsworthy dogs of 2012

Dogs are the best. Here's the proof... if you even need it

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Monty cruises along with the wind blowing in his hair.

The world's first driving school... for dogs

A New Zealand charity teaches canines how to operate cars, all in the name of pet adoption

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Dog panties and 8 more totally unnecessary pet accessories

Dog panties, dog pedometers, and 7 more unnecessary pet accessories [Updated]

The multi-billion-dollar pet industry gleefully churns out products for the prude, the lazy, and the fashionable among our furry friends

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A 6-year-old Labrador mix (not pictured) can rest easy now that he's protected under a new law.

The Massachusetts dog who won a restraining order against its owner's violent boyfriend

A new law in the Bay State gives courts the right to make protection orders inclusive of household pets

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Devocalization, also known as "debarking," is only banned in two states in the U.S., Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Devocalization: The controversial act of removing dogs' vocal chords

Some dog owners will do anything to keep their pets from barking, including putting them under the knife

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Scrutinizing this ridiculously cute photo for a few minutes now may help you perform your work more accurately later, according to a new study.

Does looking at pictures of puppies improve concentration?

It's easy to waste time at work gazing at photos of cuddling kittens and snoozing puppies, but a new study suggests that such images may make you more efficient

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As many as 60 percent of the nation's dogs and cats qualify as obese, so perhaps it's about time we had a clinic dedicated to slimming down our beloved pets.

America's first pet-obesity clinic: A guide

We the people aren't the only Americans who are overweight. Our dogs and cats could stand to shed some pounds, too. And now they can get help

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A young cancer patient in an Ecuadorian hospital pets a therapy dog named Juci whose weekly visits have reportedly helped boost the kids' resistance to chemo's side effects. 

8 ways dogs improve your health

Canines can work medical wonders, from easing the side effects of chemotherapy to helping veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder

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Two people hiking near the top of Mount Bierstadt in Colorado stumbled upon a wounded German Shepherd. The couple used the powers of the internet to get help for the stranded pup.

How the internet saved a dog stranded at 14,000 feet

Hikers band together to save an injured German Shepherd that had been left for dead in the mountains of Colorado

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Dogs that spend more time outdoors bring more dirt into their homes, which, according to a new study, may help strengthen an infant's budding immune system.

Are babies who live with dogs healthier?

Researchers offer compelling proof that keeping Fido around gives your newborn baby a significant immunity boost in his or her first year of life

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Pupcakes and 7 other people foods transformed into dog treats

Dogs are suckers for human foods that contain a lot of ingredients that are bad for animals. Luckily, crafty cooks have concocted some delicacies with Fido in mind

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San Francisco has launched a pilot program that pays panhandlers to care for stray dogs — if they stop panhandling. After a successful trial period, the caretakers have the option of adopting the pups.

San Francisco's puppy-power plan to remove panhandlers from the streets

The famously liberal city has come up with a novel solution to its panhandling problem — and it involves lots of abandoned dogs

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Dogs are assembled for a portrait after a special New Year's prayer for pets in Tokyo

Why childless Japanese are choosing pets over parenthood

Fewer Japanese adults are opting to have kids. Instead, more and more are buying lapdogs... and pampering them to implausible degrees

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